Did You Hear Who Planted A Bomb At An Alabama Republican's Office?

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Did You Hear Who Planted A Bomb At An Alabama Republican's Office?

Post by Riddick » 04-17-2024 08:10 AM

First of all, did you even hear about the explosive device planted and detonated outside the Alabama Attorney General's office in February? The 'news' media offered some perfunctory coverage at the time, but consider the circumstances & context -

Just a few days prior, the state's Supreme Court had issued a highly controversial ruling involving frozen embryos, with possible implications for in vitro fertilization. The subsequent uproar garnered national attention, as many journalists were eager to jump all over a story they perceived as politically beneficial to both their preferred political party, and to their unlimited abortion agenda.

The GOP-controlled state government moved swiftly to defuse the issue with legislation, but the firestorm lasted several days & during that stretch, the bombing happened. It was unclear who had done this or why, but it's a virtual guarantee if the partisan roles were reversed, this would have triggered a five-alarm media firestorm.

The episode barely registered a blip on the national radar. The IVF kerfuffle was too useful to the Left, and too problematic for Republicans, to be derailed by an inconvenient domestic terrorism incident. Again, did you even hear about it at all? It was gone in a flash. But now it's back "in the news," technically, though not really.

Why? Authorities say they've caught the suspect: Left-wing Antifa 'activism'? Check. "Pro-Palestine" solidarity keffiyeh? Check. They/them pronouns? Check. This story is now destined to vanish from our screens. Local crime story. Nothing to see here.

If journalists broadly ignored the explosion initially because the initial dynamics seemed uncomfortable for their preferred narratives, and the target was deeply unsympathetic to the sorts of people who comprise most newsrooms, they're going to want no part of this narrative now.

According to the indictment, if the suspect were released, by his own admission he'd likely strike again. Fortunately, he wasn't detained in a deep blue jurisdiction with a Soros-aligned prosecutor so it's unlikely he'll be back on the streets anytime soon.

It will be interesting to see how this clear-cut left-wing act of domestic terrorism will be excluded from the various lists designed to "prove" such incidents are always right-wing in nature - Will anyone in federal law enforcement try to incomprehensibly claim the motive here is an unsolvable mystery - or even apolitical? They've tried before.

Overall, much like previous incidents involving similar fact patterns, expect this one to slip away into the ether, unexamined by incurious journalists who can't understand why their credibility is in the toilet.

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