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For Want of a Judge... :: SteynOnline

Posted: 11-09-2023 02:21 PM
by Riddick
So, what's Mark Steyn been up to? Oh, nothing much. Just showing up for his trail in Michael Mann's defamation case against him. After 11 & a half years of this sh!t. And having the rug pulled out under him. Again. And to top it all off his hair turns white.


"Sorry if I sound a bit cranky. But I'm now trying to rustle up a return flight after yet another wasted trip to the crapped-out courthouse where justice goes to die..." FULL STORY

But WAIT! There's MORE -
The Non-Funky Judge
Clubland Q&A - Action Replay - November 1, 2023

On what should have been the third day of his trial at the DC Superior Court, Steyn took questions on some of the broader problems with the dirty stinkin' rotten corrupt American justice system, and also played some songs for swingin' judges, and indeed hangin' judges. But he also found time to survey the wider scene from Ukraine to the Covid inquiry via the proto-globalists.