George Knapp – UFO Documents/ Tech & Erosion of Democracy - 4/15/18

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George Knapp – UFO Documents/ Tech & Erosion of Democracy - 4/15/18

Post by Riddick » 04-22-2018 02:44 PM


First Half: Peter Robbins has unearthed documents he says support the theory that there is life on other planets, including early reports from the Pentagon and associated thinktanks from the 1940s through the 60s. He joins George Knapp to discuss the documents and his life studying UFOs.

Second Half: Jamie Bartlett, director of social media analysis at the UK thinktank Demos, reports on how data breach scandals around companies like Facebook affect our democracy. He argues that through our embrace of big tech, the building blocks of democracy are slowly being removed, and sovereign authority weakened.
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