George Knapp - Philip K. Dick's Matrix/ AI Threats - 8/27/17

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George Knapp - Philip K. Dick's Matrix/ AI Threats - 8/27/17

Post by Riddick » 08-28-2017 08:44 PM

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Timothy Beckley, author, publisher, and paranormal investigator, joined George Knapp in the first half to discuss sci-fi author Philip K. Dick's declaration that "we are living in a computer-programmed reality and an alternative world." Beckley described why Dick's synchronicities and stories were not entirely science-fiction, but science alternate-reality – in a universe that cannot be so easily grasped or explained.

In the second half, as the human race faces twin threats from exponential advances in technology - easy access to weapons of mass destruction by terrorists, and the development of AI that could take over our infrastructure - AI expert Peter Scott outlined the stark choices and consequences facing us with a path that could signal a future of subjugation or one of limitless promise.
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