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Renewable Nonsense

Post by Riddick » 05-02-2021 07:10 PM

This Barron’s story from a few days ago almost slipped by unnoticed:Hold on a moment: we’ve been told for quite a while wind and solar power are competitive with conventional electricity sources now—not at some far off future point. And yet this has been the history of wind & solar power since the late '70s: Large subsidies, favorable tax treatment, and purchase mandates for both—

So 40 years on we’re being told cost parity is still almost a decade away? This is starting to sound like bait & switch. Strangely, the Carbontracker report link in the article is now dead. Perhaps someone reviewed its claims more closely and spotted multiple large errors. Or someone realized the message lots of wind power is still more expensive than conventional energy is not politically correct.

Calculations of actual wind & solar costs are all over the map, and cost-competitive claims always omit some of the largest costs, among others the cost of thousands of miles of transmission lines, turbine & panel disposal once their brief useful lives are finished, and, most important, the natural gas plants supplying electricity 60% of the time in the case of turbines & up to 82% of the time in the case of panels. Unreliable energy is essentially useless energy, as Texans recently learned.

As always, the appropriate response to claims wind and solar energy are cost-competitive is, Great: then there is no problem with eliminating all mandates and subsidies. Somehow, that logical conclusion never seems to follow.

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