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Trails again...

Posted: 06-11-2003 11:30 PM
by Lakesider
Saw some dodgey looking trails in the northern sky on June 7/03.
I was at my mom's baking butter tarts and banana bread for her company when I went out back for a smoke.

Saw the classic X-Trail really low on the northern horizon. At first there was just a single cross but then it was crossed two more times within 20 minutes. I came back outside a hour later and the crosses were still in the sky except they were in a northeastern direction and had widened 10 fold. Not as spectacular as I saw in August 1999 (where the sky had at least 25 crosses) but still noteworthy.

Posted: 06-17-2003 12:03 AM
by Linnea
Ah, Lakesider - they tell us it's just not happening. Heh. Right. What's your theory of what chemtrails are all about? Weather mod, population culling? When Bill Carnicom was on C2C last month, he suggested the organization of the chemtrail activity had an 'at least' global origin, perhaps extra terrestrial... He said the particles in the atmosphere were causing warming and drought. So what agenda could it be that needs global warming and drought to advance what cause?

Ah, but there really is no chemtrail activity. Silly us!

Posted: 06-17-2003 05:07 AM
by mudwoman
I took these today down by the pond. I am so sorry I didn't have the date stamp turned on in my camera. Duh! I am kicken myself about that.

The sky was FILLED from horizon to horizon but I was only able to get these pics. I didn't have my batteries so I plugged into the pond pump outlet and walked out to the end of the dock and photographed what I could from that spot.

I went back up to my boat to get the batteries but got hung up doing a couple of things. By the time I got back outside the chem/con-trails had begun to smudge into a soft haze.


Image Image


Posted: 06-17-2003 06:59 PM
by Lakesider
Because of where I'm geograhically located there's just not a lot of air traffic overhead. There's two international airports approx. 200 miles apart in which I'm stuck right in the middle of. It's common to see a handful of singular trails a day moving between the airports with local traffic but the heavy traffic is moving to international destinations. I don't see the trails of those planes overhead simply because my area isn't within international flightpaths. Being I lived here for 40 years, I've come to know, historically, how the skies normally look. Using this logic, when I see a bunch of trails crossing overhead then hanging around all day eventually forming clouds I have to wonder what's going on.

The photo's Mudwoman posted depict what I've seen before here...especially the way the trail widens. It looks identical to what I saw the other day. be honest I have no idea, only guesses. I've heard/read a lot of speculation on this stuff that I'm sure everyone else here have heard/read and some of the theories are compelling. What I do know is most people don't bother looking up and there can be scores of trails in the sky and nobody will even notice them unless you point it out them. Exercise in futility as people will shrug their shoulders and carry on with their daily rituals.