WW II, & D-Day Veteran As A Former US Navy LST 325 Arrives On New Ohio River Dock.

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WW II, & D-Day Veteran As A Former US Navy LST 325 Arrives On New Ohio River Dock.

Post by Malaria_Kidd II » 06-13-2020 10:53 PM

There are two videos with one lasting over 7 minutes and an updated video lasting 12 minutes of the Landing Ship Tank 325 docking beside downtown Evansville, IN.

Click on the ship and wait for the videos to load. Our pc took 3-4 minutes for success. :P

This surviving LST 325 was built in Philadelphia, PA and the most number of all at 168 were built in Evansville, IN. :wink:

https://www.tristatehomepage.com/news/l ... GLFLQdlrAA

A lock of my dad's hair is in a small red boiler on the second deck. On day three of D-Day he and his crew of two soldiers drove their 70 foot long, 12 cylinder engine, M-26 Pacific tank retriever, "Dragon Wagon" named "Bette Jane" onto Omaha Beach.

Being asleep while sea sick and using dramamine pills he woke up on a bottom deck's cot putting his feet in a foot of water. His ship had hit an underwater obsticle! Wearing his wet combat boots he then exited his giant lowboy rig out of the big front double doors, down the ramp and headed East towards Berlin, Germany. :o

His 2nd Armored Division was the first and only US military division invited into the destroyed city by the victorious Russian Army. Dad stayed bivwacked to rest just outside of the city missing President Truman's ride though the streets of Berlin. :wink:

After the virus hopefully subsides the LST 325's traveling museum maybe coming to a river city near you. :)

.......all wasteful, climate changing wars. Begun again by the Red Blooded Royals, or by a bewitching God-like dictator, or any so called religion, or for any other reasons like a world wide virus pandemic! MK II 4/26/15

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