The Dark Side of Oz! dba The Dark Side of the Rainbow!

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The Dark Side of Oz! dba The Dark Side of the Rainbow!

Post by Malaria_Kidd II » 11-10-2019 08:53 PM

The DeVille once sold his DVDs on line showing strange synchros with Hollywood movies and Rock 'N Roll albums. :o 8)

He must have retired since is no longer on line.⌛ 😕

This was his first of many DVDs.

OMG! I just found this!

Movie Syncs! :shock:

One more?

The Burning Platform

Jim Quinn of PA - delves deeper into (See You On) "The Dark Side Of The Moon" by Pink Floyd; past, present and future! There are over 294 comments and some guests stick with his topic! ... -the-moon/

Circa 1973 - At least he picked the right rock band to interpret scary stuff touching on the pasts, todays, next months, and next years news!

MK !! 8)
.......all wasteful, climate changing wars. Begun again by the Red Blooded Royals, or by a bewitching God-like dictator, or any so called religion, or for any other reasons like a world wide virus pandemic! MK II 4/26/15

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