50 Years Ago: Wars, Assassinations, Upheaval - A Photographic Look Back at 1968

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Re: 50 Years Ago: Wars, Assassinations, Upheaval - A Photographic Look Back at 1968

Post by Doka » 01-14-2018 11:11 AM

Kind of leaves no doubt that this IS a War Planet, filled with Chaos and Rage.

I have wondered why I was born into such an Era ? But, I was. I have always read a lot and found that it didn't matter what country, what color your skin was or what cause you championed most things never changed, but pretty soon I was a ragged mess, I was the one destroying my own life, and no one seemed impressed with my "Joan of Arc" impression and the World and its people hadn't changed at all! So with a lot of help I climbed off my High Horse, that only caused me a great deal of physical and emotional pain and have gone through years of change, that will continue till I take my last breath. But the change is with-in me(with High-Horse just parked, It does get exercise though, I still get on and ride, the results are always the same!) "Progress and not Perfection". It still is very difficult for me to watch the self-destruct that many embrace, I do know what that is. But , really, it is none of my business. I want for everybody the same as I desire for my self, lot's of good stuff! I do live with myself quite nicely ,after all , I'm going to live with myself for a very long long time, it just makes sense to be my own best friend. In the meantime the world and most of it's people will continue to beat the crap out of themselves an others with not a clue to what the "problem" is.
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