"American Soldiers" by Sgt. Willie McLean WW II

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"American Soldiers" by Sgt. Willie McLean WW II

Post by Malaria_Kidd II » 06-26-2016 02:43 PM

"American Soldiers"

A soldier in the army,
Will do the best he can
Seems all the battles that he's in,
Are fought in foreign lands.
They don't ask where they're go'in,
Or how long the job will take,
They use their wits and weapons,
To correct someone's mistake.
The life in the foxhole, Is not a pleasant one,
But he has to stay there,
Until the job is done.
And on the field of battle,
They fall one by one,
They are not only soldiers,
They are somebody's sons. :(

By Bernard Doyle McLean - Princeton Daily Clarion (IN) March 1991

That was from Sergeant "Willie" McLean. Who was a war time and long time post war friend to General Anthony "Tony" MacAuliffe in command of his 101st Air Borne Division's Screaming Eagles. Who replied famously "Nuts!" to the German's request to surrender during their valiant and successful stand while being surrounded defending Bastogne, Belgium in December 1944. :(

Here's more about Willie's experiences at Linnea's Fantastic Forum.....

Once there; Believe It or Not :!:


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