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Post by USSGoblin » 11-18-2011 03:37 AM

Fan suggested i put this here.
Back in 2006 I hired a person to assist me by screening My public emails. Because of my work on radio and the public appearances I did, fan meet and greets and collecting Christmas packages that were delivered in person to our soldiers that were deployed. I faded away from here and did not post after that much at all. I made a mistake that allowed my hired help to use my ID and post in various forums under my screen name. None of this came to my attention completely until a few years ago. Many persons had begun to email me asking if I was posting because there was an abrupt change in the section and material I posted. Here I never posted political stuff. Anything posted during the 2007 to 2008 primary and general elections was not from me. Thankfully LINNEA emailed me last year. She put it together and so she knew the situation. I had bigger messes to clear up since my hired help used money I had earmarked for Cancer related items. Because George W. Bush before he left office signed a 150 million dollar earmark for Neuroblastoma Research that money I had could be diverted to supply some lap tops for some cancer kids.

I never posted here during that time because George Noory provided updates of my situation regarding the cancer war and related long term side effects on his show I had no need to, and I hate to admit it, I forgot about this place. At least until LINNEA contacted me. all is still irrelevant because I am responsible for my "Ship" and her crew. So my error which is common for all of us to automatically assign a higher level of trust to our family members. I cousin needed a job, but could not work a set schedule. I needed help. However my websites were not compromised. It took me a long time and with the help of Yahoo to figure out it was not an external hack or crack. It destroyed my willingness to ever have help again. But because of declining health, the radio show I was with was ended when new owners fired the highest paid crews with ABC radio. Citadel Sucks. I would have simply sold unprofitable radio stations and kept the profitable ones.

Now to why I chose now to post. I am sure most of you know who Richard C Hoagland is. Some of you knew who David Laverty was. I recently became the new owner of david's videos mostly the work he was doing regarding conspiracy, both JFK and UFO. Most of this stuff is raw old magnetic tape recordings. Not recorded in HD DVD. I plan to over the next year begin converting it all to Digital DVD. I doubt I will enhance the quality. I also was given the original final 1990s version of the Face on Mars sculpture. It is the one where all the for sale replicas on the net were based on. This Sculpture was created by my friend Kynthia. She was the one who delivered all this stuff to me a few days ago. Kynthia, who also was on Art Bell's old radio show with RCH has been my friend for years. At least half my lifespan. Now I have a bonus, of the stuff there are some posters. I plan to give them to the FF Pirates. I will have to obtain shipping tubes first. A select few here they will be free. It depends on how many I actually have, I have not done an inventory on all this stuff. It was more than 3 people could carry into my storage area. Who knows, maybe an alien artifact is in there hiding. Probably not.

These are the first section of posters. I will have further info, posters will be free, shipping and cost of poster tube I may have to charge for those. It depends of is i have some still or not. I think the dollar store has the poster shipping tubes. I think I will post a web link, and password that explains how to get one from me. Last time I mailed a rolled up wall poster it was 3 bucks.

It was very sad when I found out Linnea, along with Joe Quinn had passed away. Just this year alone I have lost over a dozen close friends and family to an untimely death.

Thanks again to Fan for assisting me, and to the few who did contact me. I am sorry it took so long for me to figure it all out. I am non longer on talk shows, news radio, or making public appearances. I also am most likely no longer will be deploying to sea on warships. My medical issues did not improve to a condition that would have been defined by a special medical waiver. However, the National Guard is now trying to work something out. If the Col can, then I will get a full ride through college and will then have to serve as an officer in the guard. That is my last chance for military service.

All my public emails are now back under by direct control. @USSGOBLiN on twitter, facebook.com/USSGOBLiN I rarely sign into My Space. The Twitter is my personal one, it is not private though, mainly for my friends, and fans that still are curious in what I am up too these days. The twitter that was for radio and public appearances is gone. That is all. When I have the posters situated to go, I will start sending them. But if you want one for Christmas, let me know and I can set it up to they can be ordered, for members here, the posters will be free. I estimate 3 to five bucks if you need one shipped for Christmas. after that once I stock pile shipping tubes I will be able to start sending them USPS completely free. If I find the shipping tubes at a good cost. I do not think they are signed by Richard C Hoagland. If by chance any are, Pirates here will get those first, and they will still be free. I have no spare time and will have to go through them one at a time.
Raymond, Cancer Survivor
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and The USS GOBLIN. :)

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Post by SquidInk » 11-19-2011 12:18 AM

Interesting stuff, Goblin.

By what process will you convert tape to DVD?
For if it profit, none dare call it Treason.

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Post by Dude111 » 11-19-2011 05:10 AM

Welcome home Goblin :)

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Post by Dale O Sea » 11-19-2011 01:19 PM

Too bad about the ID theft. But if your damage was a few posts made in your name, you are getting off cheap, really.

Good to hear you're well and that you are getting the chance at military service you are wanting. They sound very cooperative..If official govt military channels fail you, there are more contractors serving now than GIs anyway. Try them.

Good luck! :)
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Post by Fan » 12-12-2011 12:04 PM

I don't know how I missed commenting here, but great to see you back on board USSGoblin, and that is quite an offer on the posters! I know I would like to hang one of those in my office :) I am sure people would pay shipping if you do decide to send some out.

Either way, great to hear an update, and I wish you all the best in your endeavours.

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