My best Parnormal story

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My best Parnormal story.

Post by Shazam » 03-23-2011 07:57 AM

First off I have a daughter and a step-son I am no longer married to my sons Mom (Long story) my parents are adopting my dad told my Son something about having 2 birthdays (reg and adoption day) My daughter said that she wanted 2 birthdays and so my Mom asked her what day she would like to have for her 2nd birthday she says "It has to be May 23" we did not know the segnifigance of this till we talked to my Mamaw (Grandmother) it turns out her mother (my great Gram) birthday was May 23 My daughter is 6 My great Gram passed away almost 15 years so she would have no way to know what that date ment to anyone. On a side note my 10 yr old step-son has the same day of birth as My great Gram`s husband Papaw Ben....Sent goosebumps up my Grandmothers spine....And as long as my Mamaw is alive my daughter Jules will be having 2 birthdays...:)

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Post by Dude111 » 03-25-2011 06:58 AM

Welcome to the site my friend :)

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