Where's Joyce Riley or Dr. Len Horowitz?

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Where's Joyce Riley or Dr. Len Horowitz?

Post by artsparts » 02-22-2002 08:39 PM

Why has Art stayed away from controversial topics such as those from these two guests that "used to be on his show"?

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Post by Linnea » 02-22-2002 09:46 PM

Good question, Artsparts - especially Dr Horowicz would be relevant right now. Also - what is happening with the Gulf War Vets?! When was the last time either one of these guests were with Art?

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What happened to the Gulf War Veterans? And Joyce Riley's story..
Well 9/11 for one thing...
Oh, I just read recently an acticle from the New York Times.. About 25% of the vets are dead now... I'll look for the article..
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Well i just went to Captain Joyce Riley's site.. This is a long article, but they ( the Vets) deserve to have the facts told.

Gulf War Syndrome

Biological Warfare Conducted on U.S. Military Members, and
Corporate Bio-Genocide Levied on the Planetary Population

A Lecture By Captain Joyce Riley in Houston, Texas on January 15, 1996

Transcript by Leading Edge Research Group, P.O. Box 7530, Yelm, Washington 98597
With Editorial Commentary by Val Valerian World Wide Web Site: http://www.trufax.org

(Applause) Thank you so very much. I am Joyce Riley, and I am here because I love my God and I love my country, and I love my fellow man. We are going to hear a story tonight that unfortunately is the saddest story, not only of the 20th century, but of America's history. You are going to hear about the destruction of the United States military. I am sorry to have to bring you this story. I wish it wasn't true. I wish that I could protect you from what you are going to hear tonight, because it has taken me a year to investigate this story. During that time, I went through the worst depression you can imagine. I finally came to the conclusion one day that - yes, our country had provided the biologicals to Saddam Hussein that were used on our troops. Our troops are sick and they are dying.

My story started in 1991, when I decided to go back to the Air Force Reserve. I had been stationed in the late 1970's in New York State, and I had been involved as a flight nurse in the Air Force. I got out and was living my life, but then I heard that there was a war and that many of our men were going to die if they didn't have adequate care, and that they needed trained flight nurses. So, I decided to back into the service of my country. I went back to Kelly Air Force Base in San Antonio and I volunteered to go to Saudi Arabia. As it was, I didn't go to Saudi Arabia because the cease-fire came, so I served active duty missions on a C-130 aircraft for about six months. After that, I returned back to Houston to my job, where I was a heart, lung, kidney and liver transplant nurse in Houston, Texas. I became very ill and I could get no answers. I didn't know why I was sick. No one would talk with me about it. No one would help me with it, and I had to find out the answers myself, alone.

The Problem
So, I began the investigation myself to answer the question of why I was sick. I didn't even go to the Persian Gulf. They call it the Persian Gulf disease and the Persian Gulf Registry. They do that for a reason, because then they can exclude all of us who are sick who didn't go to the Persian Gulf. Well, I didn't go and I was still sick, and I wanted to know why. The only thing I had in common with those who did go is that I had received the immunizations and that I had a lot of contact with Gulf War veterans who were returning back to the states, and with other members of our unit. Little did we know at the time that the biologicals that were used were impregnated in the equipment they had, such as tents and duffle bags. It was being spread to all of us and we didn't even know it. We were being told a lie. America, I am sorry to tell you that we have been told one of the biggest lies this country has ever perpetrated upon us. They are telling us there is no Gulf War disease. They are telling us biologicals were not used. They are not even telling you that between 10,000 to 12,000 Gulf war vets have already died.

I began my investigation and I went into depression the day I realized we had been lied to. I had been involved with President Bush and with the White House, because I had been involved in organ transplantation. I wrote a letter and called the White House and invited him to come to Houston with Dr. Cooley to sign an organ donor card. He and Barbara did accept the invitation, and I met with them, and they signed an organ donor card. President Bush told me at the time that "I appreciate what you are doing. If this had been available years ago, perhaps my daughter Robin might not have died." He told me that. Well, little did I know that during that same time they were making the poisons that were going to eventually kill us. At the end of the program, I am going to play an open letter I wrote to President Bush. He lives in Houston, as do all of the players in what you are about to hear tonight. They all reside in Houston.

I do believe that the Lord gave me this story to tell, because a nurse from Houston, Texas just doesn't "come across" this information -- that biological warfare has been perpetrated on the American people. I knew when I heard the story that I had to move on it. I had to let Americans know. I would not be quiet, because, you see, I knew that the government was actively covering it up.

What I am going to show you tonight is not opinion. It is not conjecture. It is proof. I am going to show you documentation on the overhead projector -- the evidence to support what I am saying to you.

The basic fact is that biological agents were used on our troops. Chemical agents were used on our troops. Germ warfare was used on our troops -- using biologicals that were made in the United States of America. It was made in Houston, Texas and Boca Raton, Florida. It was passed through the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) and through companies such as American Type Culture Collection (ATCC) in Maryland. It was passed to Saddam Hussein -- sold to Saddam Hussein, as late as 1989. Just prior to the war. The American government was involved in the provision of biological warfare (components) to Saddam Hussein. They knew exactly what they were doing. Our troops did not know what to expect, nor were they protected. We later found out that we had no adequate biological/chemical detection capability. The lies are going on and on. I released the story on my radio show on May 4, 1995 with Drs. Garth and Nancy Nicholson. We had security in the studio because I had made the mistake of sending out some news releases in advance. I was afraid that we would be stopped from doing the program. We had someone there to argue a temporary restraining order, if necessary. But, we didn't need it. Drs. Garth and Nancy Nicholson named names, places and times. The sad part is that it is real. When I heard them naming names and places, I thought "oh, my word. I'm going to have ten lawyers on my door tomorrow."

No one showed up. No one has come to me and said, "you shouldn't be saying this". The reason being that they don't want to fight me in court. They know its true. So, what I am going to show you tonight is absolute evidence of the saddest story in American history.

A Letter
I am going to start with a letter written to me from a young man in Wichita, Kansas. It begins, "please forgive me for not writing sooner. I have been out of town on the job. My only hope is to reach other vets and the public to let them know it is true and many of us are dying from this illness. I will not give up until we are recognized and taken care of by our government, who continues to blackball us on this endless journey." That is one Gulf War veteran who understands, and I have received so many phone calls it has been impossible to return them.

At our unit at Kelly Air Force base, we were very spirited, with a mission to fulfill. We were going to take care of that mission. Well, unfortunately, it was not the way it was. Let's go back in time and look at a little history. I am going to show you a lot of information that is incredibly important. You must understand that America has been doing this for a long period of time. It has been experimenting on both civilians and military members.

1970 Vaccine "Safety" Tests at the University of Maryland
(Slide Shown) This is a 1970 article that appeared in a newspaper in Maryland (reads article): "Research volunteers. Volunteers needed for 30 day in-patient vaccine safety tests. Very pleasant environment. Pay $20 per day. Call the University of Maryland." One lady did call that number and was involved in those tests. She is very ill today. They experimented on her. That was not the first time that experimentation was done.

(Slide Shown) This is another article that appeared: "University of Maryland may have tested drugs for the CIA." How many of you are familiar with MKULTRA. It involved the experimental use of LSD on the public without their knowledge. I'll read a little more of this article. "The Central Intelligence Agency has notified the University of Maryland that the school may have been involved in so-called mind-bending tests and drug experiments sponsored by the agency between 1953 and 1964. The University is about one of eighty institutions that conducted experiments under a program code-named MKULTRA." It goes on to identify where the tests were done, and states that they are now going to protect all the researchers involved with the program. They want to provide the researchers with confidentiality. However, those that were experimented upon do not even know they were involved in a test. "Critics disclose that human subjects did not know what they were getting either before or after the tests, and both the Army and the institutions involved said they did not follow up on the personnel." Now, I want you to notice here that the people involved in this were 44 colleges, 15 research foundations or chemical companies, 12 hospitals and three prisons. Now, we are going to go into prisons in just a few minutes as far as how it was tested on the prisoners.

1970 Appropriation of Money to Create Human Immune Deficiency Virus
(Slide Shown) Another document that I want you to remember as long as you live is this. This document appeared on my fax machine. I believe it to be the origin of the appropriation of the money to make the AIDS virus [Editor note: See Matrix III Volume One]. This is the appropriations hearing for 1970 for the Department of Defense. It is House Bill 15090. I want you to see that the Department of Defense appropriated $10 million in 1970 to make a synthetic biological agent. Ask yourself why the Department of Defense needs this kind of agent. There are two things about the field of biological agents I would like to mention. One is the possibility of technological surprise. It says that "we believe that within a period of five to ten years, it would be possible to produce a synthetic biological agent that does not naturally exist and for which no natural immunity could have been acquired." What does that sound like to you? It goes on down here to say, "within the next five to ten years, it would probably be possible to make a new ineffective microorganism which could be different in certain important aspects from any known disease-causing organism. Most importantly, it might be damaging to the immunological and therapeutic processes upon which we depend to maintain our relative freedom from infectious disease." Basically this says it will destroy the immune system. This was appropriated in 1970. In 1975 the first recorded "AIDS" related death occurred. Perfect timing. It goes on to say, "a research program to explore feasibility could be completed in approximately five years at a cost of $10 million." Now, look at this part down here, which says, "it is a highly controversial issue and there are many who believe such research should not be undertaken, lest it lead to yet another method of mass killing of large populations." That is in your government documentation. Now, getting involved with killing of large numbers of people is not what a government is for. I want you to get this document. Get this House Bill.

What the Government and Media Say About Gulf War Syndrome
What is the U.S. Government saying about the Gulf War? This is an 1996 article from Time Magazine that says, "No Gas Used Against the Troops." What is the government propaganda saying? They are saying that "there is no scientific or medical evidence that chemical or biological weapons were deployed at any level against us." That is an absolute lie. I will show you proof that they knew that chemical and biological agents were used. After my radio show, an article came out in the Houston Chronicle which said, "Gulf War Syndrome Doesn't Exist". Now, here we have a documented number of Gulf War veterans that have already died, and they come out and say there is no Gulf War illness. There is something really wrong. Now, you didn't hear much about the Gulf War illness for about four years, until the Nicholsons went forward with this information. Here is another article from the Washington Times , "Pentagon Says There Is No Gulf War Disease." That article also came out shortly after we went on the air. The Los Angeles Times, "Government Study of Veterans Finds No Evidence of Gulf War Disease."

Now, let's look at the documentation from the Persian Gulf Veterans Coordinating Board, which is nothing but cover-up information. They are not telling the veterans the truth. They told us that they contacted every one of us to see if we were sick. No one contacted us. I have not heard of any person being contacted. But, look at this. A million men and women went to the Gulf. That's a large number of people. Why do we need to go over there in the first place? What were we doing over there? I am not sure.

What Was Really Behind the Gulf War: Malthusian Population Reduction
[Editor Note: The reason for the Gulf War, upon analysis, was threefold. It was to infect the U.S. military and subsequently the U.S. and world population, and secondly to reacquire Kuwait oil fields, which are owned by a well-known family in London, and thirdly to test weaponry on Iraq, to whom factions sold weapons to be used against our own troops. Part of the cover-up involved with Gulf War syndrome is also meant to conceal the fact that President Bush and other members of his administration held stock in some of the biotech companies that produced the biological weapons used against U.S. troops and shipped to Iraq. Another part of the cover-up involves conventional arms, specifically a company known as U.S. Arms, who sold Iraq conventional weapons to be used against U.S. troops. Former Secretary of Agriculture Ron Brown, who was in the aircraft that was blown up in Bosnia, was on the board of Directors of U.S. Arms. Four individuals on the plane were to testify in an upcoming hearing. Traces of thermite, denoting explosives, were found on the bodies. Thirty-seven people were murdered. President Clinton recently claimed Executive Privilege as a reason for not disclosing certain documents to Congress relating to arms shipments to Iraq. Do you understand, yet? Other reasons for securing the area involved control of vital earth grid points in Southern Iraq. Interestingly, there are also large underground facilities in the Middle East, some of them of rather ancient, and alien, origin, which still today contain high-tech equipment].

50% of Gulf War Veterans Are No Longer in the Service -
More Than 10,000 Are Dead
A million Gulf War vets went, and a million of them have the potential of being sick. I will tell you a little bit why later. By their own admission, some 697,000 active duty service members and some 180,000 national guard went to the Gulf. What they say now is that 489,000 of them have since separated from the military. Now, ask yourself why in an all-volunteer force, after a war, would 50% of the individuals involved get out of the military? It is not a statistic that even makes sense. One out every two have gotten out of the military since Desert Storm? I wonder why. Possibly because they had to, because they were sick and were forced out.

This is another figure that scares me. To date, the VA reports that more than 489,400 Gulf War veterans have received medical care in VA facilities. One out of every two. Ask yourself why. You don't go to the VA unless you have no where else to go.

Here is another item that was faxed to me from the VA. You see here that by their own admission they say that 5,729 Gulf War veterans have died since the war. We know the figure is now between 10,000 to 12,000.

Clinton-appointed Chairman of Joint Chiefs and Secretary of Defense
Lie in 1994 About Presence of Chemical and Biological Weapons in the Gulf
This is an item that came out from Chief of Staff Shalikashvilli and Secretary William Perry. This letter came out May 24, 1994. It says, "There have been reports in the press of the possibility that some of you were exposed to biological weapons agents. There is no information, classified or unclassified, that indicates that chemical or biological weapons were used in the Persian Gulf. There have also been reports that some veterans believe there are restrictions on what they can say about potential exposures. Anybody attached to CBW units needs to know that they are free to speak now. You should not feel constrained to discuss these issues." The Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff and the Secretary of Defense say there were no chemical or biological weapons used. In fact, there is plenty of evidence. It has already been presented on the floor of the Senate, and I am going to show it to you. [ Editor Note: Here she is referring to the Reigle Report. We might also remind you that the father of the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff was in the Nazi SS ].

Active Duty Military Intimidated Into Silence
I was approached at one point in time by someone who lead me to Drs. Garth and Nancy Nicholson, who are heroes in my mind. They are both Ph.D. scientists at the M.D.Anderson Cancer Center. Their daughter was in the 101st Airborne that did deep insertions into Iraq. Many of the 101st Airborne have called me and many of them are sick. The 82nd Airborne is sick. Men and women at Fort Hood, Texas are sick. Camp Pendleton. Camp LeJeune. Fort Riley is really sick right now. These people are not allowed to talk about this in the military. They are not allowed to tell people about the Gulf War Illness. They are not allowed to admit to it. I have even visited Gulf War vets at Brook Army Medical Hospital, and they are not even allowed to talk about it. I took some Gulf War information over there and the patients had to hide it so the doctors would not see it. So, the Nicholson's daughter came back from Iraq sick. She gave the disease to the family - to Garth and Nancy, who live in Houston, and also to the family cat. The cat died. Before the cat died, they tested all of their blood. They found that they were positive for something called Mycoplasma Incognitas, which is the chief biological agent we find to be responsible for a lot of the illness of the veterans.

Mycoplasma Incognitas
I will explain this to you by saying that Mycoplasma Incognitas is between the size of a bacteria and a virus. It travels through a population, and as long as your immune system is all right it will not affect you. But, according to the Nicholson's, who are both Ph.D. cellular biologists, they found that the scientists who were involved in this horrible plot inserted 40% of the HIV envelope gene into the Mycoplasma. What this means is that it doesn't give you HIV, but it gives you the symptoms. So, they found this and realized that they had a germ warfare agent on their hands. It is the first biological agent identified. There have been others.

U.S. Government Refuses to Dispense Known Treatment to Affected People
The Nicholson's went to the laboratory to discover how to treat this. They found that an antibiotic called Doxycycline was the most effective. The United States military will not allow military members under their control to have Doxycycline or VA hospitals to dispense Doxycycline. They are simply not allowed to have it. I got a call from a Special Forces commander who had been retired for one year. He said:

"I have had it. I came home. I served my country. I got my blood sent to Dr. Nicholson for free testing and got my prescription for Doxycycline. I went to have it filled and not only did that take away my military ID card, but they would not allow me to have the Doxycycline to save my life."

You see, the disease is contagious, and now the wives and children are getting it. It is going to affect you in the general population. That is why it is so important to understand how serious this is. It is not just the United States. It is a worldwide program. There were 28 countries that served with the United States in Iraq. All 28 countries now report that their men and women are also sick. But Drs. Garth and Nancy Nicholson revealed that a Houston company was involved in the manufacture of a biological weapon that was sold to Iraq and was used on American soldiers in the Gulf War. Since we came out with the names of these companies, there have been lawsuits filed against those corporations.

Symptoms of the Syndrome
These are the symptoms of the syndrome. You may look at this and it may not seem very significant to you, so if you look at aching joints and go to your doctor and say "I have aching joints" or you say "I have chronic fatigue ", or you say "I don't have the memory I used to", they will not say anything. When I am talking about memory loss, I am talking about the kind where you have to wear a beeper so your family can find you. One young man told me, "I can only remember today. I can't remember what happened yesterday." He was 27 years old. We are talking about a problem known as night sweats. Any Gulf War veteran who has the Mycoplasma knows about night sweats. You have to change your linens twice a night. The muscle spasms get so bad that you can't stand it and people scream in pain. There is also loss of eyesight, breathing problems, and chest pains because the Mycoplasma settles in the atrium of the heart. All of these are problems that become worse.

The problem is that the government is telling the people of the United States "there is no Gulf War Illness". The doctors in this country think there is no Gulf War Illness. So, when people come in and complain about the symptoms , they are turned aside and told that the problem is psychological in nature.

Deformed Children Caused by U.S. Corporate Genocide
Now, you are not being told about the babies that are being born deformed. There is a Gulf War Baby Foundation formed to register babies who have contracted the syndrome. There are so many that are being born deformed. You are not being told about this. Dan Rather doesn't tell you about it, does he? No. And so, you think that if it isn't on the nightly news it must not be true, right? If a tree falls in the forest and Dan Rather doesn't cover it, does it still make a noise? Think about it.

Gulf War babies are severely deformed. In fact, according to Nation Magazine, "studies have shown that 67% of babies born to Gulf War veterans are deformed. What have they done to our future generations? What have they done to their DNA?

There was an article that appeared in Life Magazine in November 1995 featuring a man in the 82nd Airborne at Fort Brag, North Carolina. This young man has a child with no arms and no legs. I know of a nurse in San Antonio who knows of 50 children like this.

When our soldiers risked their lives in the Gulf, they never imagined that their children would face these consequences or that their country would turn its back on them. You are hearing what perhaps 1% of the country knows today. It will take your help to get this story out. There is no way these parents can afford to take care of these children. (Shows pictures of children).

The Reigle Reports and Congressional Knowledge About the Problem Covered Up
This is something that the government is trying to keep you from knowing about. The Reigle report is evidence that biological and chemical weapons were used on our troops. It was presented to the United States Senate, but it has been withheld from you. They don't want you to see it. A news release went out that Senator Reigle from Michigan was a brave man for doing this. He is no longer in the Senate. He had to pay for the report to be done. The Feb 1994 news release said, "Reigle Uncovers U.S. Shipment of Biological Warfare Materials to Iraq Prior to Gulf War". The release went on to say, "there is evidence of transmission to family members. I am deeply troubled that the United States permitted the sale of deadly biological agents to a country with a known biological warfare program." There is no blood ban stopping Gulf War veterans from donating blood to the general blood supply that the general population uses. Reigle also sent a letter to Secretary of Defense Perry on Feb 9, 1994 and talked about the exposure of Gulf War veterans and the transmission of the disease to spouses and children. He found out that we had been exporting these biological substances through ATCC. This information is known to every Senator that was in office in 1994. Why aren't they doing something about it. Why weren't you told about it? Reigle also said to Secretary Perry, "without proper treatment and testing, their condition will worsen. They cannot wait. Many are now destitute, with their savings spent on medical care not provided by the government.

According to Senator Reigle, "the Department of Defense refuses to acknowledge any part of the problem. Their blanket denials are not credible. To my mind, there is no more serious crime than an official military cover-up of facts that could prevent more effective diagnosis and treatment of sick U.S. veterans. It is an astonishing example that the Defense Department is going to deny reality."

The Veterans Administration is not treating Gulf War veterans, but only monitoring their blood to see how well the biological warfare agents worked. They are not treating the Gulf War veterans.

(Here she details the bacteriological substance shipped. See attachment from the Reigle Report at the end of this transcript).

Proof of Chemical Weapon Use from the Schwartzkoff NBC Log
(Slide Shown) Here is how we know the biologicals were used. What I am showing you was once a classified document. It is part of the Chemical-Biological log that belonged to General Norman Schwartzkoff in CENTCOM. He was responsible for central command. The NBC log is sort of a roadmap of the war and what transpired. You can see here that it says, "Colonel Dunn has confirmed that the soldiers of the 3rd AD have blisters, characteristic of mustard chemical agent, on upper and lower arms." Remember the official statement? "No Biological or Chemical Weapons Used". The log continues, "ARCENT advised that casualty happened on afternoon of 28 Feb, a reddening of the skin and small blisters." I want you to know that I talked to several of the MEDIVAC flight nurses who accompanied the troops out of the theater of operations, and they told me that many of the men had no skin on them, that their skin was falling off. Evidence of a chemical burn. So, this is known information. Some of the autopsies done at Dover, Delaware found that some of the deaths were due to chemical poisoning.

Schwartzkoff's NBC log continues, "Msgt Blue called. Subject: Commanders Guidance for Disposition of captured chemical and biological munitions." They had captured them and they knew they existed. Continuing, "field destruction is OK, but bulk destruction may have international implications." I have a number of these pages that were released under a FOIA request, and there are about 100 pages that were released to the Gulf War Veterans of Georgia. My hat is off to all the Gulf War Veterans that have been trying to take this message to the public for the last four years.

(Slide Shown) Anybody who was in Desert Storm knows what these are. The little "PB" pills which are a pre-treatment pill for a nerve agent. In other words, if you were going to be affected by a nerve agent such as Soman, you would take this pill in advance and it was supposed to help you. However, you should never take this unless you actually are affected, because it builds up in the body and it creates many problems.

International Media Comes to the U.S. to Investigate
(Slide Shown) This is an article that came out of the Sunday Times in London. The BBC has been over here investigating this quite heavily because they have so many people in England that are sick from all of this. The Italian equivalent to "60 Minutes" has been over here filming on the subject, because the Italian soldiers are sick also. It's country after country.

U.S. Companies Sold Iraq New Genocidal Anthrax Toxin
This is why I am scared about what is going on with the biological warfare. It hasn't stopped, because Saddam Hussein still has these things. Reading the Sunday Times article, we see that "Russia has developed a powerful new poison with no antidote that could be used in biological weapons. It is a variation of the anthrax toxin that causes death within days. It has been genetically engineered to make it resistant to antibiotics. The toxin is so powerful that a tiny amount that would fit on a pinhead would theoretically kill 500,000 people." Can you imagine what that would do to the WATER SUPPLY? Saddam Hussein had thousands of pounds of this substance that was given to him by United States companies.

Veteran Medical Files Destroyed or Missing
Guess what happened to our veterans medical files? They are destroyed. There was actually an attorney who was sent to prison for destroying veterans medical files. Many of the medical files of Gulf War veterans are missing. No only are they missing, but now the proof that they received the vaccinations is now missing.

Gulf War Participants Force-Injected With Experimental Vaccines
Let's talk about how we were affected on the biological side. The first way was with the immunizations. We were given 10 or 11 immunizations prior to going to the gulf. We don't know everything we got. Some of us got sick afterwards. The Anthrax vaccinations were given over in the Gulf, in the theater of operations, and you were forced to submit to it. If you didn't take it, you were court-martialed. People were put into a room like this, the doors were locked, and they had security guards with side arm who stood by while people were forced to take this injection. Why? Why would they do this to people? The Anthrax "vaccine" had not been approved and was experimental. The injection for Botulism was also dangerous. All of these things in combination created a problem.

The Soviet Doctrine: The Biological Cocktail
But, the real problem that we believe to be the main transmission agent was via the SCUD-B and FROG missiles. You see, the SCUD missiles that Hussein used on us had biological and chemical agents in them. When the Patriots shot them down, it rained biological and chemical agents down on the troops. In terms of biological warfare, they used what is called the SOVIET DOCTRINE, in which 18-20 biological agents were mixed together in the tanks of the SCUD missiles. Because the batch contained so many biological agents, it effectively confuses the diagnosis and the treatment process. Now, ask yourself this.

Media Projects Responsibility on Iraq for U.S. Crimes
What is the press coming out and saying? If you read the media, which I hope you don't, you will see an article in the Kansas City Star on October 14th that said, "Iraq Sanctioned", in which they claimed "Iraq lied to us about having and using biological weapons." You know as well as I do that they have satellites in the sky that enable them to see what you are having for dinner. You know they knew what Hussein had, because they sold it to them. Absolutely.

This is what I want you to be watching for, because this is going to be the cover story. They are going to have to deal with the Gulf War illness because so many people have it now. In fact, I will tell you now that because we know that over 10,000 have already died, and we believe 500,000 of our Gulf War veterans to be sick, Dr. Nicholson told me that 20% of the people around the theater of operations (United Arab Emirates, Bahrain, etc.) are now sick. It is coming to a place near you , believe me. The chronic fatigue syndrome. I got a call from a doctor the other day who told me that he has 15 patients with CFS, and they don't know anyone who went to the Gulf War. It's transmissible through sex and through kissing, because it is now found in the dental floss test, where you can see evidence of the mycoplasma. It is communicable and it is going to be growing.

A doctor called me the other day, and he said, "I don't know what's going on. I volunteered to take care of these Gulf War veterans because the VA wouldn't take care of them, and now I'm sick with the same problem. Can you help me understand why I'm sick?" I said, "don't you know its a communicable disease?" He had no idea, because the official position of the U.S. Government is that "there is no Gulf War illness."

Peter Kawaja has been talking about the fact that "GF" was used during the war. Nobody ever mentioned "GF" or even heard of it, except Peter Kawaja, and he kept saying "GF was used." Well, the substance called "GF" is made by the U.S. Department of the Army. The government made it. I have evidence in the government logs of "GF" having been used during the war, but no one ever addressed "GF" until a U.S. News and World Report article came out on September 11, 1995. In this, they have the UN inspector going over to Iraq and inspecting the SCUDS and voicing the "sudden realization" that "Oh, they had all this nasty stuff over there after all that the Iraqis didn't tell us about". Well, I have evidence in a Pentagon report that shows that we knew about it more than 30 days before the war started. The U.S. government knew it was in the SCUDS, because the U.S. companies sold it to Iraq in the first place. It's interesting that in this story the UN inspector is trying to cover himself by saying what he did. The fact that "GF" is mentioned in Schwartzkoff's NBC log also proves the military knew it was there.

The True Origin of The "New" Emerging Biological Diseases is the Biological Cocktail Thrust on the Planet By U.S. Companies, Disguised in the Media as "Mysterious New Diseases" from "Nowhere" In Order to Cover Up Crimes Against Humanity and Genocide
An article came out in Scientific American in October 1995 that was very fascinating reading. They have to deal with the results of this biological warfare, because too many people are getting sick and too many people are dying. How are they going to deal with it? The title of the article in Scientific American was, "Dangers from new viral plagues." Have you been seeing anything in the newspaper about Dengue fever in South America, or about these "strange" viral hemorragic diseases that are "suddenly attacking us" from "nowhere "? Guess what. They came out of the Gulf War! And, they are now calling it "emerging viruses". Hemorragic fever viruses are among the most dangerous biological agents known. The Ebola virus. You didn't hear about that before the Gulf War, did you?

The article in the Scientific American wants you to believe that all of a sudden we are going to be having all these incredible viruses, all over the world , appearing for no reason at all. Many biologists are saying that they never heard of any of these things before. How many of you ever heard of the Hantavirus before the Gulf War? Remember the Hantavirus in New Mexico, caused by "mouse droppings"? I guess we didn't have mouse droppings before the Gulf War, right? We didn't hear about Ebola before the Gulf War. We didn't hear so much about Chronic Fatigue before the Gulf War. A lot of these things we never had a problem with before the Gulf War. A lot of them were used during that time and supplied by United States companies.

Now, the media tells you "why" we are "going to have this incredible problem." Scientific American tells us, "the primary cause of most cases of hemorragic fever is ecological disruption resulting from human activity." In other words, we cut down too many trees in the rain forest and those bugs are going to get us. That's what they are trying to get you to believe, that it is because of cutting down too many trees in the rain forest. Well, they are calling them hemorragic fever viruses now. I've never heard of hemorragic fever viruses. I've been a nurse for 25 years and I have never heard about them. But, now some of the Gulf War illnesses contain hemorragic fever viruses. Some Gulf War veterans have called me and have said that they are bleeding from every part of their body. It is similar to the Ebola virus, but it takes two years to kill them - slowly. How many of you have seen the movie Outbreak? That is your homework.

Were the 1995 Chicago Heat Wave Deaths Really Something Else?
Why am I concerned about this? I was having lunch with Peter Kawaja, and I noticed this article in USA Today, and I couldn't believe what I was seeing. Remember when there was that period of incredible heatwaves in Chicago and all these people were dying? Well, look here in this article, where it shows lines of refrigerated trucks brought in to store bodies. Since when did we have so many bodies that we had to put them in trucks? This is the part that concerns me: The bodies were stored in nine donated refrigerated trucks that were to be destroyed after use. Now, if we went and destroyed every hospital and funeral home after a body was in there, we wouldn't have much left, would we? Why would they want to destroy the trucks? Were they contaminated? Was there a disease? I don't know. All I know is that when you read material in the newspaper, check it out very carefully. Ask questions! Don't assume they are telling you the whole story.

U.S. Ships Enough Biological Agents To Iraq to Kill the Entire Planet
(Slide Shown) Now, this was faxed to me by people in Britain. Remember that we said that this new Anthrax toxin could kill 500,000 people with an amount on the head of a pin? United States companies shipped Saddam Hussein 1,500 gallons of Anthrax. It had already been loaded into bombs and missile warheads in Baghdad. Out of 39 tons of biological warfare agents imported by Iraq from the United States, each ton could have produced ten tons of biological warfare material. How much does he need, anyway?

The Post Gulf-War Emergence of Flesh-Eating Bacteria
Over 50,000 U.S. and British troops have suffered symptoms, ranging from broken down immune systems to wasting flesh. How many of you have heard of flesh-eating bacteria? Didn't hear about it before the Gulf War, did you? Wonder why? It's part of it. Some of the Gulf War babies are born with flesh-eating bacteria already hard at work.

U.S. Government Increases Budget to Bury Veterans But Denies Them Money for Assistance
(Slide Shown) This is an article from a British newspaper. It says, "the U.S. Defense Department has increased its budget for burial of Gulf War veterans." They haven't announced this too widely in the United States, have they? That's what they are doing. They are denying the problem exists, denying that biological weapons were used, and increasing the capability to bury people. How can we treat people like this?

The Attempt to Bring George Bush to a War Crimes Tribunal Thwarted by U.S. "Justice" Department in 1993
Did you know that George Bush was almost brought up before a Grand Jury? He was subpoenaed in an illegal export case that involved shipment of biological agents to Saddam Hussein. You didn't know about that, did you? He was. In 1993 the "Justice Department" said, "he doesn't have to do it." George Bush was brought up before a war crimes tribunal. You didn't know about that either, right? Get the book by Ramsey Clark.

Emergence of Post-Gulf War Biological Problems Coincides With Massive National Injection Programs
So, what are we doing in America? We are inoculating everybody. Why? Why is the government so big on inoculating everybody. Every newspaper in the country had a front page color picture of inoculation. They are trying to justify it. Why? In Houston, you can drive down a certain street where they have nurses lined up along the street. You put your arm out the window of the car and they inject you. Why? America, we have to stop holding out our arms to anybody that comes along and says, "We're from the government. We are going to help you. You need this shot". Why do I need this shot? I got too many shots during the Gulf War and I paid dearly for it. I will never do that again. Know your rights.

U.S. Troops Inoculated Before Going to Bosnia Are Coming Down With the Same Symptoms
(Slide Shown) Why does this picture appear in the paper? They are inoculating all the troops going to Bosnia. I am just now starting to get reports from the troops in Bosnia that some of them now have the characteristic rash, which is a cardinal clinical sign of the Gulf War Illness. Its the only sign you can see at this early stage, until they start losing weight, their hair, and start aging.

Many people come to me when they discover that they have this rash. It's a sign of biological and chemical warfare. WE ARE DOING IT TO OUR TROOPS IN BOSNIA.

U.S. Troops Inoculated Before Going to Somalia Are Coming Down With the Same Symptoms
The U.S. troops that are coming back from Somalia are coming back sick, too, with all the same symptoms and problems as the Persian Gulf veterans.

Bush and Clinton "Justice Departments" Refuse to Prosecute Bioweapon Supply Companies Under the Trading With the Enemy Act
Now, I want to show you this. It appeared in Media Bypass recently. It was January 1996. In this issue, Sarah McClendon, who was a wire service person in Washington, has kind of seen the light. She is in her 80's now, but she follows every story. I want you to see what she has written, because she was a "government person" beforehand. And now, I will tell you, that she has truly "changed sides."

She writes, "Proof is building up stronger than ever that big U.S. corporations [Editor Note: The U.S. Government is also a corporation] made the weapons that Saddam Hussein used to kill American soldiers in the Persian Gulf War. These corporations also provided the chemical and biological weapons that the Iraqis used to make thousands of surviving soldiers ill. Both the Bush and Clinton Administration Justice Departments agreed not to prosecute for TRADING WITH THE ENEMY."

[Editor Note: Now, this is an interesting coincidence, because it is exactly what Prescott Bush and the Rockefellers did before and during World War II, when they materially and financially supported the buildup and creation of Nazi Germany, and later Communist Russia, to create extreme forms of National Socialism and International Socialism, in order to anger the planetary population, who would stamp these forms of socialism out and make way for International Corporate Capitalism, which is Global Socialism, or otherwise known as the New World Order. Any good student of history will find the prosecutions levied for Trading With the Enemy on U.S. companies during this period in history. Don't believe any of this? Do your homework! The same people have been at it behind the scenes for the last 60 years doing the same thing. When you then see Operation Paperclip and Project 63 in action for 30 years . . . . . well, welcome to the covert 4th Reich in disguise. All the research is in Matrix III Volume Two, of what they are doing, how they are doing it and why. Read it and understand. Everything is there.]

You have heard about the Trading With the Enemy Act? Guess who has really been trading with the enemy? Now they are being openly accused of it. The Media Bypass article continues: "The buildup of Iraq's weapons was paid for by U.S. taxpayers, and this business was conducted for years before the Persian Gulf War, and after it started. Such trading with the enemy is tantamount to TREASON. Since when did treason become a civil case? Federal Judge Schub of Atlanta, before whom the case came during the Bush era, said in a phone call to Attorney General Janet Reno, that "anyone who believes there was not grounds for prosecution, has to believe in never-never land."

[Editor note: The Bush era has not ended. How quaint that Judge Schub should call Janet Reno, who herself is guilty of election fraud in Florida, and is a firm believer in never-never land -- without a means of self defense against tyranny, of course. Furthermore, Janet Reno cannot legally hold the position of Attorney General, because she is an agent of a foreign power and works for Interpol, which has been historically connected with rejects from Nazi Germany. Well, another human example of never clone alone, at the very least. It reminds me of the situation in Congress a few years ago when one upset Congressmen referred to others as "Reptilian Bastards"]

By the way, these items for the SCUD missiles that were given to Saddam Hussein were made in Connecticut and in Pittsburgh. The Media Bypass article continues, "Because Iraq defaulted on payment for the biological agents received from U.S. companies, American taxpayers ended up stuck with the bill for weapons that were later used against coalition forces." Part of the reason it was covered up is that President Bush's father was involved with Brown Brothers Harriman Bank, which was involved with the transactions.

How was this cover-up of the manufacture of weapons for Iraq arranged in the United States? Bush arranged for 70% of the policy-makers in the Department of Justice to remain in their jobs when Clinton was elected. The official stance from the Justice Department is, "we cannot talk about this, because the independent prosecutor has said, through the courts, that no one is to discuss this investigation officially, until it is finished." Now, there is someone who is really giving out official information, but it doesn't come out in the media -- only in Media Bypass.

Media Mistakenly Releases Truth About Doxycycline Then Issues Cover-up Stories
(Slide Shown) Ok, this just came out the other day. I was in Connecticut doing a radio show on the Gulf War issue, and I was taking a break for a commercial, when all of a sudden CBS radio comes over the main feed and says, "the Gulf War illness is found to be helped by the antibiotic Doxycycline." I couldn't believe it. We pushed the federal government to admitting this.

[Editor Note: I thought you might find it interesting that CBS has had long time connections to the Central Intelligence Agency]

I called CBS news and they faxed me the news release. I thought, "now they'll be able to get Doxycycline from the military." Guess what happens the next day. Good old Associated Press, the cover-up news agency, comes out with "Report Urges More Attention to Psychological Problems". Here we are, back again, to saying that all the symptoms are psychological. And so they had another cover-up news release that came out just this past week to cover-up the one that came out that told the truth. That's what's happening.

United States Military To Expand Presence In the Persian Gulf After Clinton Executive Order
Here is another article which recently came out. It says, "U.S. to Expand Presence as Persian Gulf Deterrent." On January 7th, another press release said, "The United States will expand on its already massive military presence in the Persian Gulf ". How many of you knew we still had massive military presence in the Persian Gulf? We thought the war was over. They are sending troops over there every three months, and those biological agents are still bound to the silica in the sand, and those troops are getting ill and calling me. I just got a copy of the executive order that Clinton just passed to bring in more reservists into active service. Why are they doing that, I wonder. Through the use of Executive Orders, they are signing away all our rights. This is what concerns me. Look at this. Executive Order 10011 allows the government to take over all health, education and welfare functions. Is that what we are going to do now, with this incredible problem we've got?

The Convention on Biological Diversity: Nature Worship A State Religion
(Slide Shown) This is the Convention on Biological Diversity. I just got a copy of this, and I don't know how many of you have seen this. I think that you would be interested in knowing what it calls for. Guess what they want to do? Objective: To make nature worship a state religion. To make man equal to all other species. Now, when you start getting really involved, the way I am now, there are a lot of people that don't want you to do it. I got this letter from the Department of the Navy, which is the closest station to where I am, and they said, "Dear Captain Riley, Our desire is to medically evaluate you, as soon as possible." You'll have to catch me, and I don't think you're going to.

Sexually Transmitted Cancer
Peter Kawaja has been talking about this. Guess what. This just came out on 10/10/95. There is such a thing as sexually transmitted cancer. Isn't it strange that all these things we've been talking about are now coming out? Let me tell you about Peter Kawaja. He operated under a government code name. The reason he did this is that he found out that biological agents were being made in the United States, and he was aware of the fact that it was essentially treason, and that it was wrong, and he went to the CIA, FBI and U.S. Customs and told them that this was going on.

Product Ingredient Technology and Dr. Barbouti
He told them that "they are making biological agents in Boca Raton, Florida, and that they are being used for germ warfare." The government then said to him to let them know everything he found out, and they wanted to stay on top of it. Peter was a security systems person that was hired to do security contracts. In doing so, he was able to see what was happening at this plant, called P.I.T, the Product Ingredient Technology plant. This plant was a project of Dr. Barbouti, who is from Houston. His son still lives in Houston. Dr. Barbouti had been involved in the (illegal) sales of arms to Iraq, had originally built the biological warfare plant in Libya, had come to the United States and had cloned the Libyan plant in Boca Raton, Florida. They said they were making a cherry flavoring there. That was the cover story. Well, he got a letter after he signed the contract to do the security arrangement. In the letter, PIT stated that "we forgot to tell you that we need a cyanide detection system."

Now, if Saddam Hussein had wanted to kill our soldiers, he would have just outright killed them with mustard or cyanide, right? That wasn't the plan. The plan was to give them a long-term illness that they would bring back to their families. What better way to give a country a disease than to give it to the military, who move all over the country. This was an experiment in biological warfare. Well, this cyanide that was to be made in Boca Raton was for Prussian Blue , which is a hydrogen cyanide derivative, and the purpose for its manufacture was that it was placed in the SCUD rockets with the biochemical substances. When the missile blew up, the Prussian Blue would deteriorate the materials of which the gas masks were made , especially the filters. So, even if they did put their protective gear on, it wouldn't work. All the time, they thought the chemical suits were protecting them. Again, this Prussian Blue was made by a company in the United States.

The Bush Administration Response to Discovery
When Peter Kawaja continued to get this information and found out about all of this, he then did something the government did not expect him to do. He wire tapped all the telephones at the PIT plant. He wire tapped all the phones at the corporate living quarters of the International Headquarters of IBI International (Ishan Barbouti International). When he wiretapped all of these phones, he heard Congressmen, officials in the Bush administration, high-level world officials, and he found out that he had been had -- that this was a joint venture with the United States government. Now, they realized that he had tapped the phone lines, and they served him with a "War Powers Act Subpoena" -- the first one ever issued since World War II. It takes an Executive Order from the President to issue this. They came to his business with armed guards and took all his recordings, documents -- everything. This is significant. He was not served with the affidavit of the search warrant to go along with it, all of this evidence remains at the Department of Justice and it is being held under "national security" until "the investigation" is "complete."

What the British Press Knew in 1991 That Americans Did Not
However, look what came out of the British press. On January 17, 1991. Let me show you how much information the British press had. Look at this, "Boca Plant begins trail to Washington." You see, what Peter Kawaja did is that he sent a FedEx letter to the NSA telling them terrorists were in the United States making biological weapons, and he wanted President Bush to know. That is when they came and took his documents. Here are more British headlines, "Congress Probes Linking Gates to Arms Deal" and "Barbouti Acted in Accord with U.S. Plan Toward Iraq" and "Gates and Secord Linked to Iraqi Pipeline". Down here, in the Financial Times of London, July 3, 1991, there is an article "U.S. Cyanide Shipped to Iraq Despite Warnings to CIA", and "Iraqi's Florida Plant Tied to Poison Gas: Export of Chemical Feared". Ishan Barbouti, by the way, died one week before the war began. He is buried under eight feet of cement, "for religious purposes", in London.

The Federal Lawsuit Against the Perpetrators
(Slide Shown) This is a lawsuit that Peter Kawaja has filed in the Southern District Court of Florida. He is charging war crimes against the Bush administration. He has filed a lawsuit against 100 federal agents. I will show you part of what he has done. He has accused them of war crimes, concealment, conspiracy, corruption, aiding and abetting, fraud, obstruction of justice, tampering with a witness, and more. You see, he was called three times to be a witness for a Federal Grand Jury against Barbouti. There is a lot that we can't go into because of time. He is doing this Pro Se, by the way. It has been in the system for two years now, and he has kept it there. He is saying that they attempted to conceal U.S. Government dealings with terrorists and terrorist nations -- the same terrorists the Bush administration had publicly declared war against. Under item "I" in this lawsuit, it reads, "to conceal from the American public, and from American forces, and their families, who were knowingly placed in harms way, that the same terrorist nations the Bush administration had declared war against, had acquired new weapons of mass destruction from the United States , which American forces could not defend against." This information is in the court system, and Peter needs support. We are aware of this case, and we are going to be watching this case. By the way, when he filed this lawsuit against the U.S. Government, they didn't come back and deny anything. They simply said "we deserve immunity, because we are the United States Government."

(Slide Shown) This is part of the deposition of one of the agents involved. It says here, "I can assure you that if drums of cyanide left our plant, Dr. Barbouti had his reasons, either to be used against American troops or terrorist acts against the United States at home." It is amazing to see this in a deposition.

The Clinton Cover-up and the Psychotropic Drugging of Poisoned Veterans
So, Peter Kawaja sent all the information to President Clinton on September 4, 1994. Clinton then started a "Presidential Advisory Task Force". I don't know if you have heard anything about this or not, but it is a whitewash and cover-up. It is incredible that they are making the American people think that they are really looking into the Gulf War illness. They called me the other day, and asked me, "can you tell us what you think is causing the Gulf War illness?" I said, it doesn't make any difference what I think. Twelve thousand troops are already dead, and you need to be finding out what's doing it. We all know what is doing it - biological and chemical warfare. They said, "well, we can't pinpoint exactly what virus or bacteria is causing the problem, so we can't treat it." I said, you say you don't know what causes cancer, but you treat that!" It is amazing that they are taking this stance, dragging their feet, and trying to make the Gulf War vets feel that it is "their fault." You have 23 year-old Marines that are being told it is "all in your head" and being placed on Prozac and other psychotropic drugs. They have been sedated. I had one young man call me, and he was practically drooling, and he said, quot;please don't stop doing what you are doing". I said, what I need is to have the Gulf War veterans behind me. He said, "I'm so sedated, I couldn't get angry if I wanted to." That's the problem. They have either given them the psychotropic drugs, or they have bought them off with a 10% disability, $89 per month, which makes them feel like they are getting something they deserve.

America has been lied to, and it is going to stop. We have to get to the mainstream. I would encourage you to contact your Congressman and your newspapers. Do not let this stop. I want to see letters from your Senators either admitting or denying all of this. If they were in office in 1994, they have been exposed to the Reigle Report.

In closing, I want to say that we need your prayers, and the veterans need your prayers. I am only here as a messenger. I am just one person that is not going to be quiet about this. I am not going to let our Gulf War veterans die and suffer without American knowing what happened to them. Please do what you can to get the word out.


Note: Gulf War Vets -- You may write to Captain Joyce Riley with your story or your request for assistance. She does not yet have an e-mail address. Her address is: 2931 Highland Lakes, Missouri City, Texas 77459. Her FAX number is 1-713-438-4581.


The above information has been posted at the Leading Edge Research Group Internet Web Site.
Leading Edge Research Group, P.O. Box 7530, Yelm, Washington 98597 U.S.A.


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Post by Hitchhiker » 02-23-2002 09:18 PM

IMHO, Capt. Riley did serious damage to her credibility the last time she was on with Ian Punnett and Richard Hoagland by promoting a soap or cleaner that supposedly protected one from biological weapons. After she went off, Ian discovered that Capt. Riley herself was the manufacturer of this product. Ian acted like he had been misled.
Riley would do a much better service to Gulf War Vets by containing herself to that issue, and dispensing with the Clinton Conspiracy rap. Everybody gets on board when the issue is sick veterans, and half of the people jump off the train at the first mention of "New World Order".
That's my opinion. I'll decline to get involved in a flame war about it.

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Post by Morgan » 02-23-2002 09:45 PM

What are the odds?

I got a newsletter from the VA just today addressed to Vietnam Vets. I dimly recall getting one of these a few years ago (5?) basically telling me the VA and DoD were looking into things and not to worry. You know, "Real Smart Guys in the government are taking care of you." That sort of thing normally just scares hell out of me.

Anyhow, if I was exposed to AO it was a teensy exposure just from being in the neighborhood, and I have been summoned for an exam twice since I got out. The last time was a bunch of years ago. It's something that angers me, but not something I feel personally threatened by. I feel personally threatened by the way the government has handled it, though, and so should eveyrone else.

Anyhow, this newsletter arrives, and it says its purpose is to ADD Type-2 Diabetes to the list of conditions directly linked to AO exposure. I read this list and it's pretty long. The List consists of medical conditions that, if a VN vet gets them a direct causal relationship between the condition and AO is presumed. That means they pay for treatment, basically. The list includes certain birth defects in vet's children, and says that a more extensive list of conditions specific to female vets is forthcoming.

Okay... it's all a little late for a lot of vets, but I was impressed. Apparently the VA and the Feds ARE actually capapble of admitting some things. I believe Riley can rightfully take credit for this turn around... maybe not all of it, but certainly the lion's share.

I may just check out that soap.

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Post by jeri sexton » 02-23-2002 09:55 PM

Ya right Hitchhiker...
She's just another fly in the ointment, selling her snake oil...

Funny haven't heard much out of her or the likes, since the Bushie's got back in power....
Good for them.. A good cover up'.. Hate to think our empire is corrupt.

Oh, our own 9'er has a good link .. from P&G at FF.. www.gulfweb.org/doc_show.cfm?ID=748
Right the one's that aren't applying for disability, are already dead.
Oh ya,
Still might go find that NY Times article just released.

Ya want to sign up for the next installment in Iraq.... ? hmmmmm It's coming.

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Post by rjee5225 » 02-25-2002 12:41 AM

There hasn't been anything of substance on C2C since Art's Nashville slander trial ended. He's either been silenced by The Powers That Be or sold out to them for a ton of money. If you recall, the jerk who caused Nashville is a retired US intelligence agent. Highly controversial weird-ass who has a thing for heavyweight disinformation. Unfortunately, C2C will probably be nothing but pap and faded musicians like Eric Burden from now on.

Re. the tragedy of Gulf War Illness, Dr.'s Garth and Nancy Nicolson, once-prominent cancer researchers, appeared to have nailed the disease and a found cure for it early on. They claim to have found AIDS DNA in GW bacteria, proof positive of a US-made bioweapon.

Their military veteran-daughter returned from the Gulf with the disease and infected the family. If memory serves me, they cured her and themselves with doxycycline, which the Fed systematically denied to suffering vets. Interesting that it ended up being the antibiotic of choice for treatment of anthrax after 9/11. Cheaper and less toxic than Cipro.

The Nicolsons' GWI research got them totally blackballed and professionally discredited. Reportedly, serious threats to their physical safety ensued as well. They quickly lost millions in research grants at the University of Texas and subsequently tried to generate funding for an independent research lab in Southern California. I don't think it materialized as hoped for. Their website has been down for a while, but it might pop again on a google.com search.

There was heavy scuttlebutt about George Bush, Sr. being the cause of the Nicolsons' failure. Allegedly, he was involved in selling and/or development of biowar pathogens and testing of them on Texas prison convicts without their informed consent. Make of that what you will. I have no opinion on that subject.

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Post by artsparts » 03-20-2002 05:47 PM

I wish Art would air some controversial guests and topics. This weeks guests with the exception of information on the ice shelf,just don't interest me at all.

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Post by Hitchhiker » 03-20-2002 07:59 PM

I heard him thank his "staff" last night for booking the geologist lady. Art used to book his own guests.

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Post by artsparts » 03-21-2002 09:53 PM

That explains a lot. Art used to pick his guests and have TOTAL control over his show. I'm afraid those shows and days are gone.Premier wants to mellow down content and not cause any controversy.I wish Art would leave and start all over again with his show on his terms and his OWN network!I'm very unhappy with his overall schedule lately. Bring back Cusco music!

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Post by artsparts » 04-28-2002 08:47 AM

Still no schedule of these guests.I would like to see Robert O Dean scheduled also. I just played back an interview from 1998 and it was great.

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Post by Barry » 04-29-2002 08:30 PM

Wow. Interesting. THIS PAGE NOT EXCEPTING POSTS: I have already attempted to post twice about Art Bell. It had to do with hearing him on 3830 Saturday night 4/26-27. His back is out again according to Art. He spent about 30 minutes on air, (3830), before leaving bacause of back pain. As far as programming, he said nothing.
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Post by Linnea » 04-30-2002 09:50 AM

Hey, Barry - hopefully most of these glitches are now fixed. Thanks for the update on Art.

PS: Have you reset your forum 'cookies'? Go to preferences and select delete cookies, then go back and reset. That usually helps.

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Post by Barry » 05-01-2002 02:12 PM

Thanks Linnea. No have not reset cookies as of yet. Will do so here asap. Understand it was a bug in the system and is now fixed. Good.
Nice hearing Art last night. Good show on energy, one of my favorite topics. Anyway, will get started doing stuff around the QTH/Tent/Homestead etc. Thanks a mill.

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