Democrats Becoming More Desperate...and More Dangerous

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Democrats Becoming More Desperate...and More Dangerous

Post by Doka » 02-02-2020 05:02 PM

Their Viciousness knows No Bounds, even with each other. They Will Not Stop. The American People have simply been reduced to "Collateral Damage" in the Liberal Democrats Demand for Power and Money(yours).

Democrats Becoming More Desperate...and More Dangerous

It appears that the long-running farce of an impeachment process may finally be coming to a well deserved end. On Wednesday, February 5, the impeachment without a crime will see the Senate voting yea or nay on the two articles. That vote will bring to a conclusion a three-year ordeal of continual lies, shredding of the Constitution, and malicious and unsubstantiated attacks. It will expose a long list of people who should be charged and prosecuted for various felony crimes including perjury, lying to federal investigators, fraud, and presenting false evidence to a federal court.

Betting parlors are not ruling out the Democrats going to their worn out playbook once again before the vote and "finding" another "bombshell witness" in an attempt to delay the vote and who, like all the others before him or her, will turn out to be a phony. The president's State of the Union address is the night before the acquittal vote. It is not hard to imagine the Democrats using that day to drop their "new witness" news to suck the air out of the SOTU news cycle.

Just like John Bolton, who miraculously remembered "important information" timed neatly with his book release, and maybe a new witness, the Democrats will use the new bombshell or shells to attempt to delegitimize the acquittal. No one will ask why someone needs to be acquitted of something that did not occur or, as charged, rise to an impeachable offense.

The bigger question is, where do the Democrats go from here? Even their own delusional polls show their candidates either losing to President Trump or ahead by low single digits, which, as experience bears witness, means they are really losing by double digits.

No leadership has emerged among their presidential field. In fact, quite the opposite is true. Each passing day demonstrates more clearly that there is not a leader among them. Biden is dropping like a rock. While some of the polls show Sanders to be rising, that is an illusion reflecting only the far, far left ideologues. Sanders is a grouchy old man with all the charm of Karl Marx. Imagine any electoral base pulling together for him. Warren, like Sanders, is completely lacking in any human likability factor and is nearly as far left. She has a tractor trailer load of credibility problems.

Collectively, the candidates have abandoned their voter base, and it is possibly too late to recraft a message and a candidate to address the chasm.

The Democrats are in a desperate position.

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