90% of the Racism in America Comes from the Democratic Party and the Left

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90% of the Racism in America Comes from the Democratic Party and the Left

Post by Doka » 08-17-2019 11:49 AM

The Lefts obsession with "Racism" is phenomenal! And after a while, just plainly TIRESOME! They are like Drunks with "Wet Brain" endlessly repeating themselves.

90% of the Racism in America Comes from the Democratic Party and the Left

Ninety percent of the racism in America today comes from the Democratic Party and the Left. They live off it and exploit it. It is unconscionable to the degree they do this, ruining the lives and futures of the very people they say they are helping in the process.

I am uniquely positioned to say this because I spent most of my life on the Left and was a civil rights worker in the South in my early twenties. I was also, to my everlasting regret, a donor to the Black Panther Party in the seventies.

So I have seen this personally from both sides and my conclusion is inescapable. The Left is far, far worse. They are obsessed with race in a manner that does not allow them to see straight. Further, they project racism onto others continually, exacerbating situations, which in most instances weren't even there in the first place. From Al Sharpton to Hillary Clinton, they all do it.

Barack Obama is one of the worst offenders in this regard. Recently, in reaction to the horrid actions of the deranged, but solitary racist Dylann Root, the president claimed racism is in our DNA.

How could he possibly utter such nonsense and who was he talking about? The majority of Americans are from families that came to this country after slavery existed. Many of those were escaping oppression of their own. In my case my family was fleeing the pogroms of Eastern Europe. Many of the members of my family who stayed behind ended up gassed in Auschwitz or exterminated in Treblinka.

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Be Sure to hit page 2 of article. Article written in 2015.........Is Anything Better?
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