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Leaving the Democrats

Posted: 08-13-2019 11:55 AM
by Doka
A Mans journey from Lack, to enlightenment. A very good read!

Leaving the Democrats

By Anthony Keith

I was brought up a military brat. My father did 22 years in the United States Air Force. In 1954 when he joined, they promised if he made a career of it, he and his wife, my mother, would be taken care of for life. He got out in 1976 after extending his service a couple of extra years so I would not have to switch high schools in Florida.

We moved out west after my father retired and I finished high school. In 1978, I got a job in the wood products industry at a particleboard factory and began work a schedule that just became normal to me. seven days on, two days off, working nights, weekends, and most holidays. I wore “save the whales” t-shirts at work.

The industry came under attack because of environmental concerns for the spotted owl. The lumber and wood products industry in the West was decimated over the next 15-20 years. We tried to muster support from our government, but our efforts fell on deaf ears. Eventually after 22 years, the facility I worked at closed. The ability to do what we did, which was to recycle sawdust and discarded wood into a usable product, became too expensive as we had to go further and further away for our raw materials. The logging industry was gone because of environmentalism and government policies to put animal concerns ahead of humans.

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Re: Leaving the Democrats

Posted: 08-13-2019 12:04 PM
by Doka
Give a human enough hate and false information and a teaspoon and they will dig their way to HELL and never know how they got there! :confused:

One teaspoon at a time. :|