Equal, Not the Same: Identity Politics Is Toxic to Our Republic

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Equal, Not the Same: Identity Politics Is Toxic to Our Republic

Post by Doka » 08-03-2019 11:23 AM

Sorry...... no such thing as equality.......Equality gets confused with Greed, jealousy and plain old Revenge.

There is nothing New Under the Sun. The "Lotus Eaters" have been with us ever sense, the Ancients started walking the Earth.

Equal, Not the Same: Identity Politics Is Toxic to Our Republic

I had an engineering professor in college who once horrified an entire class with a single word. A student asked him if he believed women and men were equal.

“No,” he replied. Eyes widened. Jaws dropped. Gasps could be heard in the next county. He explained.

“What does it mean to be equal? Women and men are clearly not the same. Men are – on average – taller, heavier, and stronger. Women can, on average, withstand pain longer than men. Men have more natural tendencies to focus on one thing while women more naturally multitask.”

He went on to reference some very fascinating statistics about the statistical differences between men and women in everything from alcoholism to depression, and performance in math and verbal tests. I remember one statistic in particular… that boys were nearly ten times more likely to be diagnosed as ADD or dyslexic. I remember because of my own experience with ADD. He ended with, “does that sounds equal to you?”

Leave it to an engineer to give a scientific answer to a political question.

This wasn’t a diversity lecture. It was a statement of reality. Equality does not mean “sameness.” Difference, we once believed, was the spice of life. Some have lost this in the recent drive to make everyone across the country think and say the exact same things, adopt the same beliefs, or vote the same way. If they don’t, they face de-platforming from social media and banishment from polite society.

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Lotus Eaters

In modern usage, the term Lotus Eater is used as a pejorative.

It refers to self absorbed, psuedo-intellectual dope smokers who are prone to grandiose ideas, but insulated from the real-world consequences. Lotus Eaters think that their skewed subjective reality is analogous to all other peoples in all other circumstances - even disparate cultures on the other side of the world.

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