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3rd Party Debate

Posted: 09-01-2004 12:28 AM
by seattlegal
Did anyone catch this? ... 0831e.html

Libertarian, Green, Independent Party Candidates Hold Debate in NYC
By Melanie Hunter Deputy Managing Editor
August 31, 2004

( - Anyone who's interested in a "real" political debate instead of a "canned" political convention will get it on Tuesday, the Libertarian Party said, when its candidate takes on the Green Party presidential candidate.

The debate will take place Tuesday night at 7pm in New York City down the street from the Republican National Convention at Sts. Cyril and Methodius Church in Manhattan between Libertarian candidate Michael Badnarik and Green Party candidate David Cobb.

"Anyone who's interested in the Republican's weeklong yawn-a-thon is invited to attend a real, no-holds-barred political debate between two candidates with starkly different political views," said Fred Collins, manager of the Badnarik for President campaign.

According to Collins, this debate will be different because all "viable" candidates have been invited, questions from the audience will be allowed and the audience will see a clear choice between the candidates.

"We've invited independent Ralph Nader and Constitution Party candidate Michael Peroutka as well as George Bush and John Kerry," he said. "The fact is that third-party candidates often air views that the Democratic and Republican parties don't want the American people to hear, which is exactly why they should be included.

"Unlike the staged, scripted Bush-Kerry debates, members of the audience will be allowed to grill the candidates without interference from screeners or party flacks," Collins added. "Shouldn't anyone who aspires to be president be able to handle questions from ordinary Americans?"

Collins said President Bush and Democratic presidential nominee John Kerry have similar views on many issues, unlike the candidates that will debate each other Tuesday night.

"Bush and Kerry march in lock-step on so many issues that their so-called 'debate' will be like listening to an echo chamber," Collins said. "Both favor dramatically expanding the size, power and cost of government, continuing the war in Iraq and using the September 11 attacks as an excuse to subvert freedom."

In contrast, Badnarik and Cobb will lay out "starkly different visions of the proper role of the federal government. That's the debate that the two major parties don't want voters to hear, and it's why Bush and Kerry will be missing in action on Tuesday."

Posted: 09-02-2004 01:14 PM
by seattlegal
C-Span will broadcast the event, tentatively scheduled Sunday, September 5 @ 6:00pm [ET]. It is an OPEN debate.