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Planetary Horoscope

Posted: 01-19-2007 05:14 PM
by Shirleypal
Michael Lutin is Vanity Fair's resident astrologer. Check him out!

"A planetary configuration not seen since 1776 is coming our way, heralding chaos, revolution, and rebirth. Let the stars guide you through the coming storm." ... utin200612

Posted: 01-19-2007 11:22 PM
by Waverider
No wonder Pluto has lost it's planetary status.

You don't count Pluto, you don't count! ;)

Posted: 01-20-2007 09:47 PM
by tiffany
Well this is not a good thing.....yikes......

Posted: 01-20-2012 07:08 PM
by Dude111
Thats interesting!!!

So far everything he says on that page is happening :(