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FrankenSkies! by Matthew Landman

Posted: 04-03-2018 10:20 AM
by Malaria_Kidd II
REF: Coast to Coast AM last night (April 3rd not the 4th!) hosted by George Noory.................! :shock:

Here's the spot to watch supercharged guest Matthew Landman's free movie. It's posted today for our frequent guests and active members all so very dedicated to viewing right from bumbling wrong! :evil:

What's in a movie title such as this one? Well you know it already, eh?

FrankenSkies the movie

If Matthew gets too frank about the deep state's openly admitted weather modification. Be steadfast and don't up end your bag of Doritos! :oops: His time on the show may have already done that to some of the millions of listeners beginning 20 minutes after Midnight! :o

Dane Wiggington, Scott Stevens and Matthew would be in a three way tie in their heart felt dedication to exposing the sad, unreal Chemtrail reality. :realmad:

Borrowed this AM from CoastZone: It's "free" to sign up for their daily newsletter :!:

The Dangers of Geoengineering:

Matt Landman holds an MBA and was entrenched in the financial world when he took a break to work on an organic farm where he became aware of geoengineering and related issues. Working outdoors in Northern California, he witnessed weather engineering as the region suffered from a historic drought. In the first half of Monday's show, he discussed the problem of 'chemtrails' in the skies, and the toxins falling to earth. When he originally started work on his documentary Frankenskies , he sought to bring attention to the little-known issue but was surprised to discover that mainstream media was launching the topic of geoengineering as a legitimate scientific solution to global warming, though the public had never consented to this experimentation. :oops: Read the full recap here.