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"Climate Engineering' Could Be Bad for Skywatching, Astronomy"

Posted: 01-24-2017 11:56 PM
by Doka
This is a Mixed Bag Article !?! The VERIFYING OF CHEM-TRAILS and still promote Man-Made Climate Change :? :shock: :confused: Climate is Ruled By The Sun..............

Well it used to be, any way, Now Ruled more and more by Human Idiots. Never Mind what the spraying is doing to our health, the big worry is it may block the view! :realmad:


"Climate Engineering' Could Be Bad for Skywatching, Astronomy"

Tinkering with the sky to fight climate change would make it more difficult for astronomers and skywatchers to observe the heavens, a new study suggests.

Spraying particles into the atmosphere to reflect sunlight and help cool the Earth down — a strategy known as stratospheric aerosol injection (SAI) — would brighten city night skies considerably and decrease light clarity in rural areas, the study said.

SAI would be "very, very bad news for astronomy," said study author Charles Zender, a professor in the departments of Earth system science and computer science at the University of California, Irvine. [Changing Earth: 7 Ideas to Geoengineer Our Planet] ... tification

Re: "Climate Engineering' Could Be Bad for Skywatching, Astronomy"

Posted: 01-25-2017 12:18 AM
by Doka
This is pure BS it has been going on 20 years that I have been watching and far longer than that from the many articles I have read. My guess they are going for "Affirming

Public Opinion" "The unhinged "Climate Change" people will glom on to this like "The Second Coming" and these Nasty Chem-Trail people can come out in the open. They

can't hide it much longer anyway, too many people know! :shock:

QUOTE From Article

"SAI and other "climate engineering" concepts have not yet been widely applied; scientists are still trying to determine how effective such efforts would be, and identify likely side effects, before putting the ideas into practice."

Re: "Climate Engineering' Could Be Bad for Skywatching, Astronomy"

Posted: 01-25-2017 12:42 AM
by Doka
My Friend Mr. Baldeuchie Put it very well........... :D


These mad global warming scientists, mostly clueless about EVERYTHING concerning weather, have been turned loose to practice their voodoo on planet Earth. They have crawled onto the scene in ever larger numbers from all corners of the planet during the last few years attracted by research money GREED and political POWER. They are overpaid pseudoscientists and ignorant to the point of being complete fools; they practice their witchcraft nonetheless. If anyone can despoil the beautiful sunny days and crystal clear nights we have on Earth they can and will if left to their demented delusions of grandeur with a healthy dose of deranged political aspirations.

When cosmologist are consistently wrong about dark matter and god particles and nearly everything about the universe, little harm is done to the planet. But the idea that the mind is a terrible thing to waste holds little sway by the intellectual tyrannical rulers that have turned children's minds into trash containers these last few decades to be filled by Hollywood and the major media and so-called educational institutions.

The sky is falling the sky is falling! lol  Well, yeah, pumping tons of experimental particles into the skies will make the sky fall.