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Lights Over New Mexico

Posted: 11-23-2003 01:26 AM
by mysticwinds
Has anyone heard of what the light over New Mexico was? There was a light and it looked like a "crash" 2 days ago. Some of my UFO buddies said that outside of NM it was not on the news.


Welcome Mysticwinds'

Posted: 11-23-2003 01:43 AM
by theWAVE
Sure haven't heard a thing about it, here in San Diego.

Did you check Peter Davenport 's reports on anything in that area, as yet?

I think this is a good # still 1-206-722-3000' if you want to make a call to Seattle.

Nice user name there Mysticwinds.. :)

Lights Over New Mexico

Posted: 11-23-2003 02:06 AM
by Pennylane005
The event was reported locally as a meteor, a "Glow-Worm" with a contrail that remained in the sky.

People in Rio Rancho, west of Albuquerque, heard a loud bang. Lots of them set out to find what they thought was a crash site but I haven't heard of anyone finding anything.

I didn't see it. Maybe it was a meteor, maybe not. Do meteors make loud sounds when they enter the atmosphere?

Here's a link (I hope...):[Headlines]=ID&ID%5BHeadlines%5D=2335


Posted: 11-23-2003 02:12 AM
by mysticwinds
Thanks for the answer or nearly an answer. Wish the media would become more involved and not so threatened.


Posted: 11-23-2003 02:18 AM
by Pennylane005
You are welcome Mysticwinds.

This happened during the Leonid shower so perhaps it was indeed a meteor.

Posted: 11-23-2003 03:06 AM
by Cpt Spike Mike
Hi Pennylane & mysticwind, and welcome to the Fantastic Forum. Yes, occasionally an incoming meteor will blow up. They are called "bolides", and are somewhat rare to actually hear one. They are larger specks of dust, probably ranging in size from an apple seed to a golf ball. The incoming meteor is rapidly heated ansd starts to burn like a normal meteor, but it lasts longer because of its size. It quickly reaches a critical temperature and explodes. Hope you got to see it when it blew; they are a treat.:cool: