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Where are them damn Chemtrails when ya need them??

Posted: 08-17-2003 04:11 PM
by jeri sexton
It's HOT"... it's over 90' in the shade..

Now in April on a nice Spring day there "they" are' making a patchwork quilt in the sky.. Turning the nice Spring, blue sky into a murking gray... Filtering out the sunshine..

Now that it's in the middle of summer and we need a sky cocktail, we is cooking in our own fat..

So i say where are you guys when we need ya. ! :)

Posted: 08-17-2003 09:03 PM
by swimmbadd
They must be in the south east. I have seen any but I kid you not that a day hasn't gone by that we have gotten a little rain this summer. I been hopeing to veiw mars for two weeks weeks now, all I got was a short glimps. I expect jungle rot to set in any day now. And the bug problem is aweful.

Hmmm, glad it cooled down from the summer heat.. :-)

Posted: 11-16-2003 01:09 AM
by theWAVE
Well it seems we have had a long spell here in San Diego, without Chemtrails criscrossing in the skies..
But today was different, this morning with some blue skies there were about a dozen or more trails layed out.

After that the cloud cover came in with dark grey rain clouds, it rain a bit, but not too much/ I think it was diffinity weather modification at work.. being some weird type storms have been doing their thing lately around L.A. oh yes and the money must be back in the budget, I mean 87 billion for Iraq' what price a few chemicals'