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Yellow Dust

Posted: 05-26-2003 11:00 PM
by Lakesider
Newbie here...

Sunday May 25/03

Mom called me around supper time to tell me her neighbour called her complaining of a very fine yellow dust falling from the sky, coating everything in her yard. It also swept into her kitchen coating her table, counter, floor etc. Mom went outside to find the same thing in her front/backyard. Mom then called my sister who lives 4hrs north and she reportrd the same thing. She then called my other sister who lives 1.5hrs south who reported the same thing. I live 15m west of mom and I had no such thing here.

I went over to mom's this afternoon to see for myself. There was no doubt this yelllow dust was everywhere and stuck to everything it touched both on the vertical/horizontal plane.

3 years ago this area was a hotbed for contrails and I saw them on a regular basis. Some days the criss-cross patterns would cover large amounts of the sky and hang around all day eventually forming a overcast cover. Yesterday we were under heavy cloud so it was impossible to see anything at higher altitudes.

I checked both the local paper and newscasts today but no mention of this as Sars/Mad Cow is getting most of the press right now.

I'm in the central Alberta, Canada area.

Posted: 05-29-2003 06:48 AM
by Devastated
Ick! Have you found out any more about what might have caused this? It's been a few days ago now. Dev

Posted: 05-29-2003 07:34 PM
by Lakesider
There's been no mention of it from what I can tell. The dust is still here, sticks to everything. My sister said i had something to do with a massive release of pollen every few years. I don't ever recall this being the case.