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Observations of Chemtrail activity...

Posted: 02-21-2002 03:50 AM
by Linnea
If you have observed any chemtrail activities, please post the details here.

If you have digital photos, please send them in with the dates, places and descriptions.

Posted: 02-25-2002 09:37 PM
by ElKamino
This morning was clear and sunny. Around 1030 hours, pacific, one of the guys in the shop, and myself, noted some familiar streaks across the sky. Most of them were going north to south. Several minutes later we observed as planes flying at approximetly 8000 feet began laying down chemtrails from east to west. This is only the second time I have observed them actually doing it. They continued until 1300 hours or so. They slowly drifted down and dispersed until the sky was filled with a haze that partially blocked the sun. Im betting it rains tomorrow in Seattle....
25 Feb 02
Observations were made in north Seattle. Time frame from 1030 hours to 1300 hours pacific time. Outside conditions: Sunny and 47 degrees(f) No clouds noted at outset.
Other aircraft observed at higher altitudes with NO contrails noted. Aircraft exuding chemtrails were between 5000 and 8000 feet.
Unusual air traffic patterns noted as well as radio traffic via VHF frequencies.
Commercial air traffic was being diverted from normal patterns.

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Posted: 02-26-2002 03:30 AM
by Linnea
Update: Photos of Chemtrails taken in North Seattle in July 2001 now available on the link above in the forum header. Sent in by ElKamino.

Send in your photos and accounts of chemtrail activity in your area.

Posted: 02-26-2002 12:14 PM
by Cherry Kelly
Have not seen any chemtrails lately in our area -- but heard a caller from PA area - think southern PA who spotted a "X" type set of chemtrails - either thurs or fri of last week (2-21 or 22).

Posted: 02-26-2002 11:12 PM
by Guest
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Posted: 02-27-2002 12:36 AM
by Guest

Posted: 02-27-2002 01:41 AM
by ElKamino
Image ...back to the subject at hand here...
Art Bell mentioned the chemtrails over Seattle monday night. I had several reports from other hams all over the puget sound area. They pretty much covered the I-5 corridor from Snohomish to Olympia. Thats a fair piece of territory.

Posted: 02-28-2002 01:32 AM
by Cpt Spike Mike
Todays weather: clear and cool all day. In the late afternoon, between 18OO & 183O hours I saw what looked like some chemtrail remnants. I didn't actually see the planes lay hte trails in the sky, but they had that "spreading" look in a sky with nothing all day.

Posted: 03-01-2002 02:09 PM
by Gwen
They have been spraying like gangbusters here at night (Phoenix). With the moon so bright, the trails were very apparent, going across the moon, and in the mornings, that white haze was there. There was heavy activity yesterday during the day. I took a few pics, but haven't downloaded them yet. I haven't been outside yet to see what's going on today. Since it is now noon, I guess I should do that Image

Posted: 03-13-2002 01:46 AM
by Elk
I had an e-mail from a buddy down in Yuma. He said there was considerible chemtrail activity there today. I find that interesting as there is a military base nearby. Anything spotted in Phoenix today Gwen?

Posted: 03-14-2002 07:40 PM
by Gwen
Elk, they were going hot and heavy here in Phoenix on Monday and Tuesday...they would start out on the western horizon and fan out all the way to the eastern horizon and vice-versa. I didn't see any yesterday or today, but the wind has been blowing like crazy.

We left here Saturday afternoon, March 2nd, and drove Sat. and Sunday, to Bryan-College Station, Texas. Didn't see a thing on the way or there in College Station till on the way back home Tuesday, when we got to Van Horn, in west Texas...there were trails all the way from there to El Paso, then they stopped till we got almost to Tucson, Arizona, and they continued all the way to Phoenix. There are sooo many sick people here in Phoenix....respiratory viruses... at first, they called it flu, but last week, said it was not flu. TV stations say ER's are full, telling people to stay home, drink fluids and take tylenol for fever, and not to come in unless they get dehydrated. My son and his family are all sick.

Regarding the strange rashes...the kids that have it here have the rash only on parts of their bodies that are exposed....arms, face, neck, lower legs. That tells me it is environmental, not just dry skin or contact dermatitis. Perhaps kids are affected because they are outdoors more.

I don't know what these things are. They used to be mostly across the sun, but now they cover the sky! And spraying is going on more at night now than in daytime.

I just sent Linnea a picture I took on Monday.

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Posted: 03-15-2002 02:48 AM
by ElKamino
Roger on the picture. I look forward to seeing it. This rash does sound suspicious doesnt it? I havent as yet, heard of any outbreaks up here in the Seattle area.(I will say this however, many of my friends have reported unusual coughs and respitory troubles...) It may have something to do with the winds we get. It may also be due to what they are spraying. Here, I believe, they are playing with the weather. Whats happening in other parts of the country is still a mystery. It seems that the whole southwest is getting clobbered with chemtrails lately.
The weather here has been windy, rainy, and generally gloomy. Tonight I heard KOMO calling for snow this weekend. Thanks for the report Gwen.

Posted: 03-16-2002 12:55 AM
by jeri sexton

Posted: 03-16-2002 03:18 AM
by Elk
Great link Jeri. Thanks. What do you know, we're making progress here!

Posted: 03-16-2002 03:34 AM
by Linnea
Gwen, you new chemtrail picture is up now. I think it is time to write up a petition to present to Governor Locke in the state of Washington - to come clean on these chemtrails.

We need to know what they are, how they may be affecting our health and why the government seems to think it has a compelling interest in this spraying and the secrecy surrounding it. Who knows, in an election year, maybe the politicians will listen us.