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Posted: 04-28-2002 07:53 PM
by Ninerism
Readers: This phenomena has to come from the highest-levels of our Federal government (all pun intended), and is this another matter of "national security" whereby we will all years down the road discover that we have been subjected to mass-innoculations?

Why don't we all start e-mail bombing our Senators and Congresspersons and force THiS URGENT MATTER OUT INTO THE PUBLIC DOMAIN so that we can have full-disclosures.

If this is also related to WEATHER MODIFICATIONS, we have a right to know, too!

If we are going to allow our MILITARY to take-over all policies of our nation, we better understand how this affects our "democracy" -- if THIS is what is occurring?


Posted: 06-09-2002 04:24 PM
by Linnea
Any more comments on chemtrails? Any recent activity in your area. Please report in to:

[email protected]


Posted: 06-09-2002 04:33 PM
by Linnea
As has been reported here, there is a lot of chemtrail activity in the Seattle area, being monitored for the past three years by a local ham radio group. The chemtrail activity was really going on here in the last several months. I am wondering if the chemtrails have anything to do with a stange virus I am just getting over.

I know of several other people who had had strange, atypical viruses over these past several weeks as well. The virus is like a cold virus, except it is marked by higher fever, ear involvement and begins with a sore throat which appears at the onset but rapidly disappears. Also, there does not seem to be the congestion as with a normal cold, but there is brochial congestion.

Also, the virus seems to be under control, then returns for two or more sessions of higher fever and chest congestion.

Sorry to be so graphic with the unpleasant physical details, but I think it may be important to notice these differences from a common head cold. This is the second such illness I have had in the past three years. I usually go six or seven years without getting the usual type 'cold'. These recent attacks have been very similar and different than the common cold. I also had some weird eye problems earlier this year that I have never had before. Coincidence? Or related to the chemtrail spraying?