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Posted: 02-20-2002 06:01 PM
by jeri sexton
Hi Daboodaddy..
What part of the country are you in..Looking Up..?

Here in San Diego, Ca. there was a few layed out about 7:30 am.. or so..Nothing like last week, when the sky was filled with them.. As they offen are about every third week or so.. and sometimes a month will go by..

Posted: 02-21-2002 01:48 AM
by ElKamino
I agree, it was a great show. I must admit that I was somewhat relieved to hear Art and his guest discuss chemtrails. Its been so long since he has I was beginning to think the "network" got to him and put a lid on it.
I would hope that he continues to work this subject as it holds serious consequences for all of us. The health aspects alone are of great concern and should be looked into. There are people out there becoming ill due to this stuff and my concern is the long term effects it may have on all of us. Reports are becoming more and more frequent of folks coming down with upper respitory problems. How will this effect small children and the elderly? Time will tell.

Posted: 02-21-2002 04:16 PM
by daboodaddy
Jeri, I live in South Carolina. Charleston is on the coast.

Question EVERYTHING, even your OWN thoughts.
A "Daboodaddyism"

Posted: 02-25-2002 10:15 PM
by ElKamino
We should be getting some pics posted pretty quick here. Ive sent them to Linnea and she'll get 'em up ASAP. Watch the "Observation" thread for further.
Keep looking up....just dont inhale!

Posted: 03-01-2002 09:53 PM
by Gwen
Check this site out:

I just found to take a closer look in the morning...looks pretty interesting.

Posted: 03-05-2002 02:54 PM
by jeri sexton
Chemical spraying began once again today here in San Diego.. Blue skies turning to haze..

Posted: 03-06-2002 01:44 AM
by ElKamino
It looked as if they sprayed east of Seattle sunday. Nothing directly overhead but, lots of activity towards the Cascade Mts. Last night we had some nasty winds here in north Seattle. Linnea reported no winds in west Seattle. Probable seeding over the mountains, for whatever reason. Extended ski season?
Hang in there Jeri.

Posted: 03-06-2002 07:48 PM
by Guest
Thats A damn good Idea theree Elk

Posted: 03-07-2002 09:03 AM
by snowbird
Driving in to work this morning I saw a patch of blue sky with long, stripe-like clouds on either side.... And there was a plane filling in the blue patch. I live just west of Ottawa, Ontario and was driving into Ottawa. This is the general area that the caller on CtoC from Wakefield, Que mentioned last week. It's painfully obvious that the nonsense is going on here.

My take on it right now is that the temp is pretty cold this morning, there's snow on the ground and maybe they want to insulate the ground cold against the sun to keep it cold as long as possible. I really think we (globally) are in deep doo-doo. We haven't had much snow this year and I wouldn't be surprised if we had a drought.


Posted: 03-07-2002 08:59 PM
by Captain Fantastic
Report of recent chemtrail activity in Tennessee -

Sent in by Teresa -


My name is Teresa and I just wanted to report some chemtrails I saw today; 3/6/02 in Cleveland,TN (next to Chattanooga,TN)

I was walking to classes at Cleveland State
and I looked up and saw jet planes going all over the place and counted 52 chemtrails!! That is a lot!!

I was wondering if anyone else has reported anything here in Tennessee today to you..


Posted: 03-08-2002 09:30 AM
by snowbird
Here's a link to the Rense site that talks about the warmest winter ever recorded in parts of Canada. While it might have been nice not to have the blizzards and freezing weather that we generally have, it is cleansing and keeps the bugs at bay. This weather is truly worrying. If the chemtrails are supposed to be a solution then 'bring 'em on' ...although, the solution has its many problems too.


Posted: 03-22-2002 06:53 AM
by jeri sexton
First full day of Spring and the skies were full of chemtrails today.. they were playing the Big X in the sky over San Diego..
I stopped counting after watching them lay about 2 dozen, i'm feeling alittle zombiefied today.

Posted: 03-22-2002 09:53 PM
by Linnea
Jeri - why don't yu think about organizing a petition drive for the ballot to force the governor of your state to disclose to the poeple what this chemtrail spraying is all about? I am thinking of getting involved in doing that here.