Christmas Encounter with a Stinking One

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Christmas Encounter with a Stinking One

Post by mudwoman » 12-25-2005 03:47 AM

Talk about a real King Kong. Looking behind the news today of a giant hairy creature from Malaysia reminds me of a special Christmas encounter with perhaps another similar hominoids back fifty-two years ago!!

Fellow Cryptomundo man Craig Woolheater has posted about the new report out of Malaysia, so I won’t go over those details. He’s covered it well.

How about some flashbacks? Hairy jungle giants in Malaysia have a long tradition of encounters with local peoples.

On the 6th of August of 1966, the Associated Press and the Straits Times reported that tracks "measuring 18 inches and having a stride of 12 feet [sic] were discovered at a rubber estate near Segamat, a small town about 80 miles from" Kuala Lumpur. Villagers told newsmen they believe the prints were made by a giant ape.

Nine days later, the The Malay Mail said that that Segamat villagers were telling of a "shy, harmless, giant with 18-inch footprints living in the jungle, possibly under pressure from advancing civilization and loss of feeding grounds" that was 25 feet tall.

I have other Malaysian reports from 1954 (AP, 3 Jan 1954), 1969 (UPI, 7 Aug 1969), and 1971 (AP, 1 Aug 1971) of "giant ape" sightings and expeditions. Harold Stephens article ("’Abominable Snowman’ of Malaysia," Argosy, August, 1971) on Orang Dalam encompasses the sense of these animals from 1871, 1953 and 1959, until his find of the large footprints on the lower Endau River. Most of the accounts are of really large hominoids. Ivan T. Sanderson and Mark A. Hall, of course, both mention them too. Hall figures these are part of the "True Giant" traditions he has gathered and commented on extensively for years.

I dealt with another kind of smaller hominoid report from December 25, 1953, too, of the Sakai, Devil Sakai, or The Stinking Ones.

One of the more distinctive features of the "Stinking Ones" is that they have mustaches on females. Okay, no jokes please.

Here’s what Patrick Huyghe and I wrote, in our 1999 book The Field Guide to Bigfoot, Yeti, and Other Mystery Primates Worldwide for the December 25, 1953 incident that occurred on the Trolak Reserve, Perak, Malaysia:

Wong Yee Moi, a young Chinese girl, was tapping a rubber tree when she felt a hand on her shoulder. When she turned around, she beheld a fowl-smelling female covered with hair and wearing a bark loincloth. Her skin was white and she had long black hair on her head and a mustache.

When the creature grinned and displayed her long fangs (or were they merely large buck teeth?), the witness ran back to the estate compound. On her way she noticed there were two other similar creatures standing under some trees by the river. Both were males whose mustaches hung down to their waists.

The owner of the estate, a Scot named G. M. Browne, immediately called the local security forces, who dispatched a posse of Malayan Security Guards led by Corporal Talib. When the posse reached the river they spotted the three hairy creatures and prepared to fire on them. But the creatures dove into the river, swam under water, and emerged on the far bank where they vanished into the jungle.

The next day on the same estate a Hindu Indian worker named Appaisamy was grabbed by a pair of hairy arms while tapping rubber. Terrified, the worker ran off but fainted on the way back to the compound. When he came to he found three hairy creature laughing at him. Later that day a patrol of Talib’s guard spotted the creatures by the river again.

It turns out these creatures were known about long before this [1953] incident throughout peninsular Malaysia. Both locals and government authorities were apparently quite familiar with “The Sinking Ones,” as they are also known. Some had been seen pulling out tapioca roots and eating them. Reports suggest they have raided crops in various parts of country.

Happy Holidays to the Hominoids, I say, mustache or not! ... king-ones/

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Re: Christmas Encounter with a Stinking One

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