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Post by Linnea » 08-17-2002 05:53 PM

In regard to the 'Tall Ships' that are now visiting Elliott Bay, Seattle - and to RC's questions in describing the characteristics of the ships - LOA means 'length overall'. Here's a link for more info about the tall ships:

Tall Ships

and the link RC mentioned:

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Post by Cpt Spike Mike » 08-18-2002 07:47 AM

During the show, another website was mentioned, concerning the Bikini Atoll nuclear tests after WWII. has all the information needed for the trip of a lifetime. You can go scuba dive the ships sunken during/after the atomic tests. These ships include the aircraft carrier USS Saratoga, Americn and Japanese battleships; the USS Arkansas (BB-33) and the Nagato. There are other ships, including several landing crafts, destroyers, submarines, etc. For about $2,8OO, you get 12 decompression dives, plus transportation on Bikini, and a few other ammenities. This does not include airfare, some lodgings & meals, etc.


Post by Guest » 08-19-2002 03:44 PM

I think I'll just stick to listening to the archives from now on Image
The show is on way past my bed time,maybe saturdays and don't you think the one call per night rule is a good idea Image
It was a good show and the restoration crew of the texas deserves a round of appluase.

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