Earthquake Breakthrough?

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Earthquake Breakthrough?

Post by voguy » 06-25-2016 08:55 AM

Earthquake Breakthrough? Leading Solar News Company Challenges The World’s Experts
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June 24, 2016 – by Ben Davidson

For the last century, attempts to match solar phenomena with earthquakes have met with failure. Perhaps the last thing left to try was the sun’s interplanetary magnetic fields, which affect all the other solar phenomena that one might investigate, like sunspots, solar flares, coronal holes, etc., and they actually stretch out through the solar system and interactions with earth’s magnetic field via magnetic portals. The observations, data, models, and subsequent confirmations all point to one conclusion – the sun’s magnetic fields help trigger massive earthquakes.

Stanford University monitors the strength of these magnetic fields leaving the north and south poles of the sun. After observing a correlation between significant magnetic events on the sun and earthquakes, the apparent correlation was modeled by The Ohio State University Statistical Consulting Service, and published by New Concepts in Global Tectonics in September 2015. Since the end of the study, the model appears to be working even better than before the publication. We would like to challenge YOU to learn how the sun triggers earthquakes by clicking one of the videos found below.

The charts are as definitive as the statistical analysis, and seeing the connection between the sun and earthquakes is absolutely as easy as it looks. We have also issued this challenge to one of the world’s leading earthquake scientists, specifically, Jeffrey Love of the USGS. It is time the government took up this promising area of earthquake research with the hope of one day saving lives.

When analyzing magnetism, one has to look at the polarity (+ or -) and the strength of the magnetic force. By monitoring for significant times and changes in the strength and polarity of the sun’s magnetic fields, we were able to determine that 78.8% of the M8.0+ earthquakes occur within a handful of days of the most significant events in the solar polar magnetic fields. Since publication, the model has shown to be even more predictive of the earthquake events relative to significant periods of magnetism.

By using other solar phenomena like the speed of the solar wind, and monitoring interplanetary magnetic fields from lower latitudes, we are beginning to get a better picture of some of the ways that solar energy can effect seismicity.

At lower magnitudes, the appearance of coronal holes appears to be a potential factor in the modulation of times when earth is more seismically active over shorter time scales of days to weeks (the N/S solar magnetic fields are relevant on scales of hundreds of days to years). More about coronal holes and earthquakes can be found in our 4th publication.

The mechanism by which these solar influences on earth’s crust occur is not currently known, but we believe it is likely to be through effects on the global magnetic field and electric circuit, particularly in the capacitance/discharge model involved with fair weather/stormy weather. Energetic particles and interplanetary magnetic fields modulate how plasma enters the earth system from space, how the earth’s magnetic fields shift across the planet, and even the state of atmospheric electricity and ground currents.

Currents flow downward to the ground in fair weather and return upward during storms. By monitoring changes in these flows we may be able to determine when the energy from the sun is affecting the lithosphere. Based on recent studies showing that electromagnetic signals may precede seismic events, using solar phenomena to narrow the windows of alert can cut down on false positive electromagnetic signals. Right now there are too many natural signals from a number of source to create a warning system based on these signals, but if we can use other factors to determine when the earth is more likely to shake, we can pay closer attention to the anomalies surrounding those time periods.

What comes next? We’ll keep monitoring the sun and the earth, and keep you informed with our every-day update published at among other sites. If you have reviewed one of the videos above and believe you see what we see, then by all means share this information, track it with your friends or your kids or your classmates. Teachers on three continents are already doing this with 6th through 12th graders, and the more people that understand what is happening, the faster the experts will get involved and the sooner we will be able to save lives.

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