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The Sun Reports on Chinese Dumping Pet's Out of Tall Buildings for Fear of Pet's causing Corona-virus!

Posted: 02-02-2020 11:41 PM
by Malaria_Kidd II
This sad report could have been placed under Global. But since Erin Elizabeth Tweeted this find tonight she is related to our better health.

The Chinese are throwing their pets from high rise apartments due to fake news blaming them for causing their country's corona-virus outbreak. :oops: :realmad:

The real cause was Wuhan's "illegal live animal markets"! :frown: :dali: How about shutting down all of that nations illegal live animal markets? :confused:

Rhino horn powder is good for what ails males at bedtime too! :realmad: This is just me but it's no wonder Mao Se Tung, the good people killer by the millions, attacked our troops for General MacArthur's fore warned Yalu River approach in North Korea during 1950! ... -to-death/