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l01 st General MaCauliffe said what??

Posted: 09-26-2002 08:11 AM
by Punnetts_Friend
Military buffs may know this and please tell me if you've heard it. The 101st Airborne and their General were the Battled Bastards of Bastogne, Belgium in World War 2( My dad's Second Armored division made a 100 mile end run to the West from the Seigfreid Line to stop the Germans at the Meuse river)and before Patton's 3rd Army came to the 101st rescue the Germans ask for their surrender. The first words out of General MaCauliffe, yes I said words, was "bull ****"! Nuts became famous as a replacement for the censored answer. B S would not have been proper in the New York Times or any other US paper.Any pirate questions about my first hand source; I would be happy to fill you in.

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PS I use this "handle" because Ian answered my e-mails about something very important to me. END

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Posted: 09-30-2002 09:31 PM
by Morgan
I'll say this much about it... as a retired 20 year lifer in the Army, with far too much of my career spent around senior officers... Never one time, in war or peace or some of the strange in-between we've had, heard any of them say "nuts." I heard the phrase "****" from all of them daily, with the exception of a few chaplains.

In the Army, nuts are what you bust when you're working hard... not something you say.

Morgan the Primate
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Posted: 10-01-2002 05:53 AM
by Punnetts_Friend
Your right on the money, Morgan. The much visited "Nuts" museum in Bastogne, Belgium should never change it's name. Retired veterans of the 101st Airborne who said "Nuts" on The History Channel will always say "Nuts". Bull **** is no more appropriate for clean TV as it would be in 1944 for the American press. I always wished Dana, Indiana native Ernie Pyle would have had a chance at that one !! Hollywood's movie "The Story of G.I. Joe" is never on TV. Thanks for your reply Morgan. Punnett's friend.

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Posted: 03-11-2003 06:15 AM
by Malaria_Kidd
Punnet's friend, I e-mailed your address about The Story of G.I. Joe to be shown on Turner Classic Movies March 8, but my e-mail was returned un-deliverable. I'd never heard of your B.S. topic, but interesting if true. M. Kidd The Deerhunter