Ancient White Chalk Horses of Southern England!

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Ancient White Chalk Horses of Southern England!

Post by Malaria_Kidd II » 07-24-2017 12:25 AM

This fascinating ancient news is posted tonight on Coast to Coast AM's "In The News". :o

AFTER AN ANCIENT CARVING OF a horse appeared on a hill three millennia ago, giant white horses became a symbol of England’s southern region. Dozens of horse-shaped geoglyphs—massive figures made by cutting into a hillside to reveal the layers of chalk beneath—were created over the years. Many of these enormous equines still exist today, though the exact origins of the trend remain mysterious.

Most of these gigantic archaeological artworks are located in the country’s southern areas because of the breadth of chalk downland, or hills, that stretch across the region. The white geoglyphs stand in stark contrast to the verdant landscapes they dominate—so much so, they often had to be covered or camouflaged during World War II so the German Air Force couldn’t use them as location markers to aid navigation.

Contd here...................and these few selected pictures might be a surprise to view! :shock: ... es-england

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