Scientists Reveal Extraordinary Sonic Properties of Stonehen

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Scientists Reveal Extraordinary Sonic Properties of Stonehen

Post by Fan » 12-04-2013 10:41 AM

After testing over 1,000 stones at points all along the Carn Menyn Ridge, they found that on average, between 5-10 percent of the rocks ‘ring’ when hit. In localized places, the figure rises to 15–20 percent, ‘with a few very small hotspots up to double that percentage again. ... 01589.html

I remember William Henry talking about this, and commenting that it was not just "blue stones" they were using, they were using them to produce "blues tones". I always loved that idea.
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Re: Scientists Reveal Extraordinary Sonic Properties of Stonehen

Post by Riddick » 05-28-2016 01:11 AM

This wonderful sounding session at Stonehenge is part of a one day workshop working with sound within the inner and outer landscape. During the day we work with therapeutic sound to identify and help release energy imbalances on all levels of being (mental, emotional, spiritual, physical). Specific instruments are chosen to work with certain energy imbalances as well as reflect the energy at Stonehenge. Paul Devereux, acoustic archeologist and author of 'Stone Age Soundtracks' revealed that certain stones at Stonehenge were shaped and placed to focus and amplify sound. He also showed that sound was used at many sacred sites, probably concentrating on the voice and drums in Britain.

The metal instruments of the gongs work so well with the elements as well as the construction of stonehenge as they are 'big' sounds. The Himalayan bowls get a little lost up there - especially in strong winds, but can be used to great effect if you sit or stand in front of the stones and play them on their own.

Lyz Cooper gives different workshops at sacred sites and works with the energy of the landscape - both inner and outer. During this session the group held the intention of sending the energy of their sound down the ley-lines in the earth, as well as down the energy lines in their bodies.
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