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Riddick, you comments are true

Post by Jason P Goyer » 06-11-2013 03:08 PM

Hello Everyone,

I couldn't agree more with Riddick!
Riddick wrote: Excerpted from a post by The Horror Reporter:
    George Noory breathing a stale sigh of relief tonight..

    Art Bell has finally said he will not be coming back to radio..

    For months, Art Bell has been teasing fans with potential news that he could come back to radio. Not long ago, he was released from his non compete clause from Premiere Radio. His voice hasn't been heard on radio since October 31, 2010, the final broadcast..
    But the speculation is now over. The hot air will apparently live on..
    It appears that closure has finally come to this story.. From rumors of sickness, to rumors that he'd take over the night again.. it's all coming to a quiet end. Art Bell put up the "wind no longer blows" webcam message years ago now.. And the wind no longer blows. The hot air does in fact exist..

    Maybe Art Bell knows that George Noory, minus the backing of Bell even in a distance, will not be able to thrive.. Or maybe the audience will dive. Sometimes dive bars last generations..

    Either way, this is now the silent end of an era on radio. There will be no further Art Bell retirements, because there will be no further Art Bell broadcasts. He made that clear tonight..

    Cumulus, nah.
    Premiere no way.
    Sirius, are you serious?
    Bell's had his say..

    It's over, folks. The show must go on.. but we'll all be asking when we listen, must this show go on?
Keep Healthy & Positive!

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