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Posted: 11-28-2008 11:20 AM
by Shirleypal
SETIsLady wrote: Wow, what a nice surprise !!! I can't wait !! :D

Maybe you can talk Rene into stopping by Sunday night and give us a shout.

Posted: 11-28-2008 11:57 AM
by racehorse
Originally posted by Shirleypal
[Bso it will be a long night and worth the loss of sleep.

In the "good old days" and the time before "Streamlink", I always missed sleep for Art. It was worth it then and it still is. ;) :D

Posted: 11-28-2008 02:40 PM
by Chickadee
Is it Sunday yet? And, how do I tune this in please? Regular radio?

Posted: 11-28-2008 02:50 PM
by racehorse
Chickadee wrote: Is it Sunday yet? And, how do I tune this in please? Regular radio?

Yes, it is on regular radio. WABC may carry it in New York City on Sunday Night. It will start at 1:06AM (Monday, Actually) in the Eastern Time Zone.

If for any reason, it is not carried locally and you cannot find a station to carry it, many stations also carry live streams.

Posted: 11-28-2008 02:56 PM
by racehorse
The great Pirate Conscious also has a page where you can link to find a stream from several sources at:

Posted: 11-28-2008 03:33 PM
by Chickadee
Thanks Race. 1:06 am might be rough for me :(

Posted: 11-28-2008 04:44 PM
by Shirleypal
Chickadee wrote: Is it Sunday yet? And, how do I tune this in please? Regular radio?

Chickadee you can listen on 77WABC in New York, I know they carry the show Sunday night Monday Morning starting at 1:00 AM

Posted: 11-29-2008 12:59 AM
by Corruptor
Can't wait til Sunday, it's gonna be a great show. :)

I've been having strong feelings about a comet in 2012. Hope Michio talks about comets.

Posted: 11-29-2008 01:26 AM
by jjflyer
Definitely great news! And with one of my all time favorite guests Dr. Kaku!

Posted: 11-29-2008 05:45 PM
by Nightingale
Best news I have heard all year, going to be an exciting show.:)

Posted: 11-30-2008 06:32 PM
by Chickadee
I know I won't be able to stay up tonight to participate and just wanted to peek in and wish everyone a great evening and a great show. Be sure to let me know what you hear about any Level Four parallel universes!

Posted: 12-01-2008 12:19 AM
by goodfello
I just took three no doze ........ I cant wait till Art pots up his mic. The first words out of his mouth will be the best... Have a great night all.

Thank you Art!!!!!!!

Bill C

Posted: 12-01-2008 01:22 AM
by dperez3894
I'm listening to Art right now. I didn't even know he was on until I turned on the radio.

Maybe Art being on tonight explains why I had a intuitive good feeling for the last few hours. It was like I was expecting something good to happen.

Posted: 12-01-2008 01:33 AM
by Shirleypal
Come visit us in the ORR.......Original Radio Room.....

Posted: 12-01-2008 01:50 PM
by Conspiracy Theorist
Is it just me, or did anyone else notice how great Art sounds. He sounded healthier and in better spirits than he has in many years. Maybe it's the time off, and maybe it's because he finally quit smoking.

I did not know he was an Obama supporter. In his old political days, he was quite right-wing, although his views gradually changed over the years. But, this is a major change for him.