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It's all BS!

Post by smadewell » 07-19-2006 11:33 AM

"The two children were killed by a direct hit from a Katyusha rocket on the building, the army said."

This is all BS! The Israeli's helped the US perfect the Tactical High Energy Laser system, which was design specifically to shoot down multiple Katyusha rockets within a matter of seconds. Why isn't Israel using this defense system? Smoke and mirrors. That's why! It's all leading up to a war with Iran and everyone paying double and triple the current price for gas at the pumps. Pfft. Notice the date of the following article - 2000! Pfft! Come on! Wake up! We're being played for fools!

Laser gun zaps missile

Watch the T.H.E.L. here in action blowing away Katysha rockets!

Come on, people! It can even down multiple mortar rounds! Watch the video here!

The two children who were killed in Nazareth died because the evil men pulling the strings of the US and the Israeli governments don't care about anyone and just want to fulfill the Wolfowitz Plan and turn the Middle East into a Pan-Arabic democracy that kowtows to the West and use the coming wars to enslave us all, while lining their pockets with filthy lucre. It's all BS! Go back to sleep America! Nothing to see here....

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Post by wcstflyer » 07-19-2006 03:28 PM

Smadewell, what an insightful and prescient post. I've been trying to analyse Israel's latest military foray into Lebanon and the only conclusions I can derive would invite howls of anti-semitism (though I'm not) from the neocon True Believers and the evangelical right. But so many parts of this ugly skirmish either do not add up or point to only one thing, a pre-meditated military attack from Israel with the Bush administrations blessing upon a defenseless foe with the ultimite aim of spreading the war to Syria and Iran.

One of the most startling aspects of the carefully crafted pro-Israeli news propaganda is the illusion that this is a two way battle with fatalities on both sides and mutual destruction a possibility. In fact this is a guaranteed slaughter committed as an act of aggression by a country armed to the hilt with U.S. taxpayer supplied F-16I's and the best GPS and JDAM bombs money can buy.

The home-made Katyusha rocket, a directionless pipe bomb of limited (12 st. mi.) range as always been more valuable as an Israeli propaganda tool than an offensive threat. In recent days as video has filtered out of northern Israel, one can see the limited damage this "rain of death" has inflicted despite a round-the-clock bombardment from Hezbollah. Cynically, far more firepower was unleashed during a typical July 4th fireworks show. Ironically, the only surprise has been the disabling of an Israeli warship by a quasi-sophisticated Iranian guided missile, which sent the Israeli and Bush administration off-guard and crying foul to a degree some sectors called for an imediate attack upon Iran. The insane asylum that is the Likud party and segments of the Jewish neocon right in Washington realize time is short, the U.S. and global anti-war movement is growing and the multi-billion dollar cost of Iraq is sending Israel's chief financier- the U.S.- closer to the brink of bankruptcy each and every day. The case for war has to be justified, no matter how ludicrious the logic or premise.

Don't expect anything but silence on both sides of the aisle and both houses of Congress. AIPAC has purchased the obedience of each and every Senator and Congressman who willingly fork over billions of your tax dollars every year to Israel, usually attached as a rider to a God-Bless-America farm bill and passed on a voice vote late on a Friday evening before recess. Here is a sample of what your 4.4 billion dollar tax gift to Israel's "defense" bought.
http://www.israeli-weapons.com/weapons/ ... F-16I.html

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Post by whskyfan » 07-19-2006 07:27 PM

That is quite an article. Not much is ever heard on the main stream media about these things. Usually just a real quick mention. If people saw this type of report on the news at 6 every time it happens maybe they would wake up.
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Post by spiritme » 07-19-2006 09:14 PM

In break with Bush, Iraqi PM denounces Israeli attacks on Lebanon

Published: Wednesday July 19, 2006

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"Prime Minister Nuri Kamal al-Maliki of Iraq on Wednesday forcefully denounced the Israeli attacks on Lebanon, marking a sharp break with President Bush's position and highlighting the growing power of a Shiite Muslim identity across the Middle East," reports The New York Times on Wednesday.

Excerpt from Times article:

"The Israeli attacks and airstrikes are completely destroying Lebanon's infrastructure," Mr. Maliki said at an afternoon news conference inside the fortified Green Zone, which houses the American embassy and the seat of the Iraqi government. "I condemn these aggressions and call on the Arab League foreign ministers' meeting in Cairo to take quick action to stop these aggressions. We call on the world to take quick stands to stop the Israeli aggression."

The American Embassy did not answer a reporter's request for a response.

The comments by Mr. Maliki, a Shiite Arab whose party has close ties to Iran, were noticeably stronger than those made by Sunni Arab governments in recent days. Those governments have refused to take an unequivocal stand on Lebanon, reflecting their concern about the growing influence of Iran, which has a Shiite majority and has been accused by Israel of providing weapons to Hezbollah, the Lebanese Shiite militant group.

The ambivalence of those governments has angered many Sunni Arabs in those countries, despite the centuries of enmity between the Sunni and Shiite branches of Islam.
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Post by SETIsLady » 07-19-2006 09:20 PM

Spiritme, the Saudis denounced Israeli attacks today as well. And also the US for being silent.
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Post by wcstflyer » 07-20-2006 08:57 AM

whskyfan wrote: That is quite an article. Not much is ever heard on the main stream media about these things. Usually just a real quick mention. If people saw this type of report on the news at 6 every time it happens maybe they would wake up.

Here is an article I could have written (albeit poorly) myself.

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