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parts question

Post by LurkingShadow » 08-24-2003 12:39 AM

How do you find parts for this boat? I imagine finding parts or original accessories would be easier for a 1948 tucker then this boat. How is it coming along? ;) :confused:


Cpt Spike Mike
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Post by Cpt Spike Mike » 08-26-2003 02:06 AM

Yes LurkingShadow, considering she's 34 years earlier than a '48 Tucker, parts can be difficult to chase down. We use resources at naval salvage yards to find whatever we can use. Many 2Omm guns are not present simply because they're becoming very rare & they're aren't enough to go around. Parts can be custom manufactured, but this takes money, time & manpower. Sometimes we occasionally get artifacts from private collections & donations. Structural components that must be replaced are done so using modern steel.

Overall, progress onthe ship is good & steady, but it does take time. All the people who do the restoration work are volunteers and donate thier time when they can. But we have a lot of dedication, interest and concern to keep us going for a long time.

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