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Life After "Dark": or, Not Taking Matters For Gran

Posted: 05-29-2014 02:12 PM
by Riddick
Art Bell fandom is alive, but could be doing better. So much time heals all wounds, likely even some of the hardest of hardcore followers will never forget his abrupt DM departure - Even as another comeback in 2015 or before is a possibility, little doubt whatever "built in" audience there was prior to his return last year has certainly taken a hit.

At the same time, as is evidenced by their online availability there's still a market for the sort of shows he put out in his heyday, back when the Art Bell brand was at its height. Along with online file sharing, YouTube and pirate streams, there's also SIT airings on Saturday nights, something Premrad wouldn't do if the audience wasn't there.

Clearly, any number of folks with fond recall of the 'good old days' yearn for more than today's paling product - Indeed, the laughable efforts of Noory himself help keep Art in the minds of many, hoping for better - Yet just as matters stand can fans have any reasonable expectations for a redeeming return after the disaster that was DM?