Strange Signal from Space

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Strange Signal from Space

Post by voguy » 07-13-2013 07:28 PM


And finally this week, if you are a ham with an interest in radio astronomy, then this is for you.


If you’ve been waiting to hear mysterious radio signals from space, then now may be the right time to tune in. This as an international team of astronomers has detected four powerful bursts that appear to come from billions of light-years away. At that distance, the radio pulses would each have put out in a few thousandths of a second the same amount of energy that our Sun would take 10,000 years to produce.

The bizarre signals came to light as part of the High Time Resolution Universe survey. This is a project using the 64-meter Parkes radio telescope in Australia to search the sky for radio signals from pulsars. These are the stellar signal generators that are believed to be caused by super-novas.

Because the pulsars we detect lie in our own galaxy, astronomers mostly look near the Milky Way when hunting for these dead stars. But when Dan Thornton of the University of Manchester in the United Kingdom and Australia Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organization started digging through the data he stumbled across the four signal bursts. After scientists extrapolated the data across the entire sky, they concluded that perhaps 10,000 of these blasts are happening every day. Its only a matter of finding them.


According to researcher Thornton, it’s still unknown as to what these signals are, but at least it’s no longer a mystery that they actually exist. More about these interesting radio signal from space is on line at

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