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(Real) Pirate Radio

Post by voguy » 12-31-2011 06:05 PM

Via a friend, here is a snippet from a publication on pirate radio stations. This is a list of stations heard, details, frequencies, etc. If you have a shortwave radio, these can be fun to listen for. Lots of parody, some raw humor, and sarcasm.

Some will probably be on tonight.

=+=+=+=+= North American Stations/Relays =+=+=+=+=

Ann Hoffer Radio(?):

12/25, 0028, 6925/U; very poor at or below S5 noise floor, woman playing guitar & singing xmas tunes, (Hassig-IL)

Big Q:

12/24, 0612-1032, 1710/AM; With oldies, Chickenman skits, slick jingles, segments called Memory Lane with clips of classic gold AM stations from the past. Monster signal on peaks as usual. Also heard during the early morning hours of 12/25 appearing at 0555 & coming on the air mid-song into "Merry Christmas" sound bites. (TROMP-MI)

Captain Morgan SW:

12/24, 2145-2200*, 6950.8/AM; SIO:343 Replay of The Captain's Christmas Show. [Lobdell-MA]

Crystal Ship:

12/19, 0130, 6930.3/AM; fair/poor S8max S5 noise floor, relayed by Northern relay service, Motown tune, Spoof song: what I bought on ebay, old radio jingle, Yosemite Sam audio clips, Commander Bunny audio clip, tune: crazy train, QRM at 0142 & 0144, various tunes & audio clips, by 0200 too weak to understand, something that sounded like orchestra of train horns. (Hassig-IL)

Eccentric SW:

12/25, 0000-0024, 6925/U; fair/poor S8max S5 noise floor, jazz xmas tunes, jingle bells played on woodshop tools, song: Hardrock & Coco & Joe, Eartha Kitt: Santa Baby, 12 days of xmas about coffee, tea & hot coco and their equipment, I tried the 2 email addresses I thought I heard but both bounced immediately. (Hassig-IL)

12/25, 0001-0022, 6925/U; SIO:343 Pgm of instrumental Jazz Xmas tunes, Tidings Of Comfort And joy, God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen, computer generated ID at 0019. [Lobdell-MA]

12/25, 0010-0024, 6925/U; SINPO 45333 Santa baby and other Christmas mx (Ragnar)

Liquid Radio:

12/26, 0016, 6925.1/AM; Techno/dance music. Liquid Radio ID at 0017. s3/s5. (Will-MD)


Radio Anonymous Int'l

12/30, 2244-2256, 6926/U; SINPO 45333 song about newt Gingrich. ID from RAI- “expect us. our frequency is legion.” (Ragnar)

Radio GaGa:

12/25, 1320-1407, 6925/U; SINPO 35433 GaGa on this Christmas morning with mello mx. 13:38 second station came up on freq for a few minutes. Many IDs.off with SSTV (Ragnar)

12/30, 1445-1450, 6925/U; SINPO 35433 girl Stephanie singing reggae with a guitar. Sounding like a talent competition with live audience. off with SSTV (Ragnar)

Radio Ronin:

12/26, 2300, 6930/AM; Music by Emerson, Lake and Palmer, Dire Straits. Radio Ronin Shortwave ID at 2316 into Santana. ID with gmail contact info at 2325. Good sound, slightly overmod. s9/s15 signal with occasional fading. Faded out at 2334. (Will-MD)

12/26, 2304, 6930/AM; SINPO 55434 Karn Evil 9, extremely strong signal at sign on. 23:217 signal dropped drastically. (Ragnar)

12/26, 2310-2356*, 6930/AM, sigs hr at S6-9, heard mx, including songs Melissa & Stay & occasional ID's. (McArdle OK)

12/26, 2313-2339, 6930/AM; SIO: 343 Program of classic rock, songs by Santana, Blood Sweat Tears, Crosby Stills, Nash. Frequent IDs/email address. [Lobdell-MA]

Renegade Radio:

12/25, 1537-1556*, 6925.04/U; sigs hr at S3, hearing mx w/anncr talk, Billy Squier Christmas song, Silent Night at 1551, "Happy holidays from Renegade Radio" at 1556 & off. (McArdle OK)

Thinking Man Radio;

12/23, 2303-2313*, 6925/U; sigs at S3-4, good audio, ID at 2303, then song She's Not There, then talk of people needing to use their minds to think, then, song, Rubberband Man, the ID & off. QSL's to thinkingmanradio@gmail.com. (McArdle OK)

12/24, 2112-2135*, 6925/U; SIO:343 OM in EE talking about free speech, "believing is easier than thinking", etc. playing oldies Stray Cat Strut, Stop In The Name Of Love, She's Not There [Lobdell-MA]

12/24, 2119-2135*, 6925/U; Do not forget to think. Stop in the Name of Love, Some Kind of Wonderful, She's Not There & Rubber Band Man. Many thoughts about thinking. (45555, Hunsicker, PA)

Undercover Radio :

12/18, 23, 24, 24, 26, 29, 1710/AM; Dr. Benway noted on the air several nights with rebroadcasts of past shows, signal best on 12/29 around 0400. (TROMP-MI)

12/25, 0550, 1720/AM; 1720/AM; Dr. Benway again with weak-ish signal but lacking interference that was present when he was on 1710. Some slight splattering noted from The Big Q when they suddenly appeared on 1710 at 0555. (TROMP-MI)


12/24, 1236-1325*, 6950/AM; Chimpmas Special. CB for president & Kracker for vp. Carlin as Jesus. Ending sequence but another program follows. Lots of monkey stuff. Beatles Christmas Party, Ed Sullivan, parody Twelve Days of Chimpmas. Chile farting song. Get clothing on e-Bay (45444, Hunsicker, PA)

12/30, 0030, 6950/AM; Commander Bunny & Caeser Rabbit talking to Kracker, Ragnar & Captain Ganja. ID at 0033. Good signal on the remote but a bit of occasional local buzz. [Listening via remote receiver somewhere in Ohio; very heavy noise levels here.] (Will-MD)


12/30, 6925 AM 2223-2235, 6925/AM; SINPO 35333 odd tones into Thank god its Friday, Weekend off with tones and WBOG ID, Global Mass Ejection repeated and a Kracker sound bite (Ragnar)

WFMT Family Radio:

12/24, 1945, 6925/AM; SINPO 45434 Bells & ID from Ms. Norwood (Ragnar)

WFRH Free Radio Harrison:

12/24, 2221, 6924.5v/AM; fair/poor S8max S6 noise floor, slow updrift in freq, QRM de another pirate, S-on with coughing, rap tune, comedy xmas tunes incl spoof of deck the halls & 12 days of xmas where he gets busted by cops each day, sed freeradioharrison@yahoo.com, I emailed them & hasn't bounced yet. (Hassig-IL)

12/24, 2225-2251, 6925/AM; SINPO 45323 signed on with holiday rap. female ID mentioning DJ Beta. freeradioharrison@yahoo.com (Ragnar)

12/24, 2230-2246, 6924.55; Rap music, then ID & e-mail address. Swat team Twelve Days of Christmas & Who Stole My Wash/Watch. Using a grenade transmitter. More IDs with e-mail address. (Overall, fair to unusable, with lots of fading. Hunsicker, PA)

WHYP The James Brownyard Memorial Station:

12/23, 2110, 6925/AM; Fired up with a huge wide AM signal and into Whip it baby & James Brownyard yeah-yeah-yeah sound bytes. s20+ (Will-MD)

12/24, 1410-1500*, 6925/AM; SIO:121 JB talking about WHYP Xmas shows from years past, heard "Christmas Wrapping" by The waitresses, The voice of Ravi Brownyard, etc [Lobdell-MA]

12/24, 1415-1500; 6925/AM; SINPO 45344 repeat of the Christmas retrospective. very strong signal. (Ragnar)

12/24, 1436-1446, 6925/AM; Alex Brownyard ID. 2011 Christmas Special. May Millstein on phone. Christmas Queer & I'm So Gay at Christmas. Bowl games predictions. (454, Hunsicker, PA)

12/25, 1558-1609, 6875/AM; SIO:232 Xmas parody tunes, Wolfish Got Run Over By George Zeller, The KIPM song. Talk by JB. [Lobdell-MA]

WMPR Miicropower Radio:

12/24, 1505-1550, 6925/AM; SINPO 45434 sign on with carol of the bells and continued with non traditional holiday music. Huge signal and low noise, very minor fading. (Ragnar)

12/24, 1524, 6925/AM; WMPR with Christmas music. ID at 1527. Mr. Hankey the Christmas Poo at 1542. Have a happy holiday from WMPR Micro Power Radio at 1548, signature tune, and off. s9. (Will-MD)

12/24, 1535, 6924.86/AM; sigs hr btwn S2-3, weak copy, hearing mx, then talk, then song These Are a Few of My Favorite Things, then Mico-power ID at 1539, then into more mx. (McArdle OK)

Wolverine Radio:

12/25, 0118-0236, 6925/U; good over S9 with S5 noise floor, excellent program of jazz, big band, blues and pop xmas tunes with good fidelity, began to fade away at 0225, SSTV/FAX tones at 0234, I recorded entire prgm and will rerecord onto CD later. (Hassig-IL)

12/25, 0119, 6925/U; SINPO 54444 40’ Christmas mx (Ragnar)


12/19, 0144, 6925/AM; fair/poor S9max S5 noise floor, electronic music some with female vocal, QRM at 0154, off suddenly at 0158, heard no ID. (Hassig-IL)

12/24, 2209-2216, 6925/L; poor S6max S5 noise floor, tune: I am Santa Claus based on the tune I am Iron Man, jingle bells done with farting sounds, other comedy xmas tunes. (Hassig-IL)

12/25, 2253-2318, 6925.3/AM; could only detect a weak carrier & at one time heard brief snippet of mx. very weak hr. (McArdle OK)

12/26, *1630-1711, 6925.7/AM, very weak signal hr but just wanted to post a report to let op. know his carrier was detected hr, but that was all i could get, was the carrier. (McArdle OK)

12/26-27, 2350-0005, 6925/AM; SINPO 35323 ethereal instrumental music, 1984 bar parody commercial. Two ID’s at 2358 sounding a lot like Liquid Radio. Cars. faded out/gone 0005 (Ragnar)

12/27, 0003-0009, 6925.3/AM; nothing hr but a weak carrier, presumed to be Liquid Radio but couldn't copy strong enough to tell one way or the other. (McArdle OK)

12/28, 0010-0015, 6925/AM; SINPO 25333 Jimmy Buffet?, Fruit Cake mentioned, off (Ragnar)

12/30, 2224-2235*, 6925.35/AM; Very faint and mostly unusable. Three musical selections; one that I call the "Party" song. At 2234 a rising tone, repeated many times and then an OM at 2235. Perhaps a W???, but unusable. Carrier gone at 2235. (25341 mostly, Hunsicker, PA) [Presumably WBOG.]

=+=+=+=+= European Stations/Relays =+=+=+=+=

Radio Powerliner Int'l [Netherlands]:

12/29, 0037, 6300; 70s & 80s classic rock, huge signal & many shout-outs to various DXers listening in. Ended with about 20 minutes of Polka music (TROMP-MI)

Radio de Wittereus [Netherlands]:

12/29, 0037, 6305; On during the same time as Powerliner, apparently a birthday celebration b'cast, also with classic rock and weak-ish signal but peaking near Powerliner level on strong fade-ups. Most songs recognizable by The Police, Fleetwood Mac, Lynyrd Skynyrd, etc. (TROMP-MI)
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