New Live Ham Radio show - 1st Guest Joe Walsh

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Re: Re: New Live Ham Radio show - 1st Guest Joe Walsh

Post by Dale O Sea » 05-29-2011 10:07 AM

You are sounding like the consensus here, squidink. Perhaps this show and the shaky times we're in will motivate us to follow up on this.
starrmtn001 wrote: I think Leo rocks. But I also honor Jeff Levy. He is the primo guru that I used to listen to on KFI at the "Turn Of The Century." Anyway, Leo is a good guy and I have his site bookmarked. But for the final word in tech stuff, I seek the wisdom of Jeff Levy. But, that's just me.:)

I'll have to give him a listen sometime. I've been a Laporte follower since I found him on TechTV/ZDTV years ago, in the 90s but mostly still do because he's doing so much in Tech topic IPTV, along with folks at and One only has so much time and patience for tech so I found myself limited to what's right in front of me. Also, having been into tech and such for so long, I tend to skew my viewing to more advanced, thereby boring, topics.

There's more than enough room for Leo and Levy and the thousand others netcasting and broadcasting tech but only so much time in a day to take it in.

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