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Ham Radio Answers

Posted: 05-22-2003 02:02 AM
by dieselguy
Hey guys,

Looking for some answers to ham radio. If I get the easy license (the one without morse code testing), can I talk to people on the air? Like art? Linnea? Could I also buy equipment that would allow me to transmit, or I'm better off buying a pocket radio? I want to know the legalties/equipment decisions I should make before jumping in. Can music be broadcasted?


Posted: 05-22-2003 08:18 AM
by Hitchhiker
Yes. No. Yes. Yes. No. No.
To recap: Art stays mainly on the extra bands, so you'll need an advanced class license to talk to him. Start off with the tech license; see if you like it before you make a big investment in equipment. You can get a 2-meter HT for less than $100; that will let you get your feet wet. When you say pocket, I'm assuming you mean shortwave. Trust me, you'll be dissatisfied with that. Learn a little about different types of radios before you buy.
No, you can't broadcast music on the amateur bands, at least not legally.