3840 Ham Phone Patch

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3840 Ham Phone Patch

Post by Linnea » 04-20-2003 06:06 PM

Any other 'hams in training' getting really good and useful information from the 3840 phone patch sessions?

Last nights session yielded some really great information about a low-noise coax loop multi band antenna which can be tuned with a capacitor - for DXing. That was WN6F. Great info!

Nancy - from the Midnight Hams forum - N6XQR (I believe) - is a former code test giver, and had some great tips for passing the code test.

There is nothing better than wisdom tested through experience to find one's way to solutions. The phone patch on 3840 is doing a great service for 'newbie' hams, as well as more experienced hams.

The phone patch seems to be a regular feature on Saturday nights now. The sessions begin at around 10 to 10:30 pm. SWLs can tune in, and if you do not have a radio (yet ;-> ) you can listen to jimansleah's 365Live streamiong audio feed on your pc. Here is a link to more information about 3840 and how to access the media stream:


Join in - call in!


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