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What can be done????

Posted: 12-27-2005 12:25 PM
by turtle101
I can only get back right now once a week. So here is my problem. I'm in Quartzsite Ari. and there are lots of Cber's here. I do talk on the CB becuase there not much going on Ham here and I have a very small hand held radio, anyway. I do have a CB Base Station. (not a 10 meter) But there are about 10 ... 10 meters radio here. That have been fixed to run on CB freguencies. These are big powerful radios. They walk and talk. But there are two guys that are on there that are (GROSS) and talk terrible terrible stuff they are running ham radio's (10 meter base stations) I'm not after some of these people becuase they are older person and live way out in the desert. They talk just once in a while. And mostly to make sure each is ok. How do I stop the other two? The police say there's nothing they can do. When I say bad I mean bad. They used the radios to stop others from talking by dead keying, fal-sick-language, these guys are not nice. There are no Hams here to speak of except me and two others. So can someone tell me what I can do?


Posted: 12-27-2005 02:27 PM
by Linnea
Suggest you contact one of these ARRL directors, Turtle:

Edward J. "Ned" Stearns, AA7A, Southwestern Div. Director

Richard J. Norton, N6AA, Southwestern Division Director

They may have some advice/solutions for you.

Posted: 01-09-2006 02:51 PM
by turtle101
it said, I have to have an account to e-mail these two people. Or at least that what it says.
thank you leanna