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Google Earth & IRLP

Post by Fred_Vobbe » 09-27-2005 09:43 PM

From the newsgroup.
Originally from: VE7LTD

For any of you who have not checked this out.... You should.

It has got to be the coolest thing since IRLP first came out... Sliced bread is old news now....

Sorry MAC users, but Google earth is not supported yet for MAC users. For PC users, go to the following site and download it. You will think it is well worth it:

Download and install google earth. Play around with it you will like what you see, unless you are big brother... as it will be nothing new to you. Be patient, and look at how much detail you get!

Then close down google earth, and click on the following link:

Thanks to Dave KF7FLY for this!

Voila, all the IRLP nodes in the world are at your fingertips.... Also, please verify that your node is in the exact right location. You can find the right location by finding your co-ordinates on google earth, and then punching them into this conversion site:

Type in your coordinates in the green box, just as google earth sees them, and click the "Enter Degrees, Minutes, Seconds" button. Your coordinates in decimal degrees will be shown. Enter those into your status page entry.

Please, DO NOT email the changed coordinates to

To edit your status page entry, please follow the directions found here:

We have not yet figured out exactly where and how often the updates will be processed, but you can rest assured that something will happen quickly :)

We may be able to use this to show active connections in the future... Stay tuned.

I would also like to thank all the others that have made similar things to this in the past... They were all a build up to the system which will change the way we look at the world!

Dave Cameron
IRLP System Designer
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