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by Devastated
06-26-2005 06:40 AM
Forum: The Murky Bilge
Topic: Got a dirty mind?
Replies: 64
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Why conch you just play some music? Shell we dance?
by Devastated
06-26-2005 06:37 AM
Forum: Lost Harbour & Dry Dock
Topic: Hey Meg!
Replies: 23
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How's your hand?
by Devastated
06-26-2005 06:34 AM
Forum: Health
Topic: Pharmaceuticals In Waterways Raise Concern For Wildlife, Hum
Replies: 5
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Re: Re: Pharmaceuticals In Waterways Raise Concern For Wildl

Joolz wrote: we must begin somewhere to demand accountability for this degradation of the natural world before it destroys us all.

Demand away.
by Devastated
06-26-2005 06:32 AM
Forum: Health
Topic: Report: Flu pandemic could kill half million in U.S.
Replies: 1
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Well, I'm glad somebody counted the hospital beds. This kind of journalism really makes me wonder. Good writers don't use the word "could." I can think of a million nighmarish scenarios about the U.S. not having enough [whatever], and we're all gonna die. Every single one of them contains the word "...
by Devastated
06-26-2005 06:25 AM
Forum: Global
Topic: Bird flu drug for humans rendered useless (livestock use lea
Replies: 6
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Be afraid of the big drug manufacturers, and follow the dollar signs on this. For sure it's "good" for somebody.:(
by Devastated
06-26-2005 06:24 AM
Forum: Global
Topic: China more popular than U.S. overseas because of Iraq war
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Oh, I get it. It's a popularity contest.
The headline, about popularity, stopped me cold. Sorry.
by Devastated
06-26-2005 06:12 AM
Forum: Iraq
Topic: Stifling Baghdad Despairs As Water Cut Adds To Misery
Replies: 5
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"I wish we could go back to Saddam's time."

Nice quote. I really don't know what to say to this one, Sandy. It seems to be the dregs.:(
by Devastated
06-26-2005 06:10 AM
Forum: Iraq
Topic: US In Secret Talks with Insurgents...
Replies: 7
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Well, Lord Moon, I guess we have to Crystal Ball your thoughts on this. When I heard it on the news, it upset me. First of all, because up until now the "insurgents" have been the "terrorists" and we do not negotiate with terrorists. On the other hand, it seems logical to negotiate with the enemy. H...
by Devastated
06-26-2005 06:06 AM
Forum: Food
Topic: My artichoke recipe. I didn't forget crazycatlady here it is
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by Devastated
06-26-2005 05:57 AM
Forum: Art Bell/The New Frontier
Topic: JC Strikes Again
Replies: 49
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Oscar and UFO Phil are the same person.
by Devastated
06-26-2005 05:53 AM
Forum: Art Bell/The New Frontier
Topic: Congratulations' Art and Ramona'
Replies: 18
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daboodaddy wrote: I assume "Dusty" is a Cat? Pix, please, so we can admire him/her/:D :D :D

Click on link in post above!

Art and Ramona, you did the perfect thing to get your grief on a positive track! Lucky Dusty, and lucky Art and Ramona! What a photo!!!!
by Devastated
06-26-2005 05:51 AM
Forum: Art Bell/The New Frontier
Topic: I'm prepared to dig Bob Dean tonight
Replies: 12
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by Devastated
06-24-2005 06:53 AM
Forum: Media Watch
Topic: Limbaugh's Attorney Wants Privacy
Replies: 34
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The medical privacy laws are for everybody who wants to see your records, not just the courts. Every time I sign one of those things, which is every time I see a doctor, it means nobody has access. Then I have to sign individual releases. This gets a bit absurd, but I'm glad. Nevada has computers in...
by Devastated
06-24-2005 06:48 AM
Forum: Health
Topic: A.M.A. to Study Effect of Marketing Drugs to Consumers
Replies: 5
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I'm always interested in the side effects: The guy who can talk real fast says, "side effects may include potential vaginal clenching, skin loss, seizures, reddening, sore throat, nausea, runny nose and a little bit of odor."
by Devastated
06-24-2005 06:44 AM
Forum: Weird Nooz
Topic: Washington Post's Mensa Contest
Replies: 3
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Kaka, or caca, is also used in English for the same pile. Spanish listeners AWFULLY sensitive around the ears. Glad they found call letters that worked.

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